Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ivy, Our Groovy Intern!

SPOTTED: A new face has been seen around the Groove office.  In the marketing department, with the sales team, and even the design department?  Who is this mystery girl and what is she doing at Groove? You'll have to read on because I'll never tell!

                    Groove Girl

I am so happy to be the newest Groove Girl and to be part of the Groove family, even if it is only for a month.  I can't believe it's already over, I feel like the time passed way too quickly!  I really have the sense of belonging here because all of my colleagues are so nice and helpful.  They are always willing to explain or teach me things, I really have fun with them.  They During my internship I worked with the Sales, Marketing, and Design departments and learned so much.

One of my favorite parts of my experience was working with the design department.  I learned how to research the newest and upcoming fashion trends for the coming seasons.  For example, one day we went to South Coast Plaza and Fashion Island (some of the biggest shopping centers here) to help clearly define the current fashion trends.  Shopping for trends is a lot like window-shopping.  It was my first time shopping from a professional standpoint, but it was really fun!  We figured out who/what are top sellers and researched where that style came from.  When I got back I took all my observations and information and make my very own trend board (design team has so many and constantly updating/making new ones)!

I Made This! 

Another highlight during my internship was working with the Marketing department.  Prior, I really didn't have any idea what marketing was.  To me sales and marketing were basically the same thing.  Now, however, I have learned that in marketing it is important to focus on promotions and advertisements, social media, and of course the customer.  I learned how to get into the consumer's mind and see what effects their buyer behavior and habits.I also helped make Instagrams, pins, a press release, and promotional material for email blasts.

GG the Fish
I really enjoyed taking pictures on the balcony and posting them to Facebook with Jacquelyn.  Jacquelyn and Natalie have a lot of creative ideas and know how to find inspiration from the surroundings. From working with marketing I found that I am a creative person and really enjoy creative stuff.  Btw, I love their pet beta fish, GG (short for Groove Girl of course!) who lives in Jacquelyn's pen holder on her cool!?!

That's Me Packing Up Samples! 
Sales is interesting to me, mainly because I was not very familiar with it.  I understand the whole sales process better now.  I learned how a sales representative communicates with potential customers to make a sale.  We also rearranged the showroom (I loved playing with all of the shoes)! I also helped pack sample shoes for a major trade show!

Outside of working with the various departments, I really enjoyed being at the office because of the cool location!  I always mentioned to Yuchi and Monica (in the design dept.) that the location of our company is amazing! Our location, in Huntington Beach, gives us a lot of resources.  Our showroom overlooks the ocean and surfers.  There are a lot of stores downstairs and I love the California style.  There are also a lot of restaurants with great Mexican and American style options.  Monica even tells me that she sees dolphins when she walks around during lunchtime...I haven't seen them L!

The Groove Girl Family!
The Groove Girls really act like they are a family.  When Katrina had her birthday, we all signed a card and went out to lunch to celebrate.  Jessie would cook Chinese dumplings and other authentic foods...she's such a good chef!  I got to grab dinner or lunch with almost everything and I tried so many different foods from sashimi to barbecue and Mexican.  I feel like Groove Footwear is a fast-growing company bound for success not only because everyone works so hard, but because they are such a supportive family.  I know that the days I spent in California will be my best memories ever! We did so much in such little time, I can't wait to come back again!  Thank you so much to my new Groove family for teaching me so much and taking such good care of me!



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