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Top 15 Coconut Oil Uses

Since when did everything become so complicated?  I read in this interesting article that each day we are bombarded with around 3,000 ads and promotions.  In a world where you need so many different products to get just one thing done in your daily routine, it’s nice when you come across something with many awesome uses. 

I mean, take the most simple task we do every day; taking care of your smile.  You need your toothbrush (um, which one of the 50 types), toothpaste (sensitive, whitening, fresh, super clean…), mouthwash (alcohol free, dry mouth, flavored...), floss (on a little stick, just string, flavors), a tongue brush (huh?), whitening strips, and don’t even get me started on the different lip care! 

Not that I want to sound like that SNL skit where you can use a product to wax your floor and put on top of your ice cream (clip), but they were on to something.

I decided to look into multi-use products when I was cooking dinner one night.  I had seen on Pinterest that using coconut oil as a hair mask before you shower does wonders for your hair and wanted to test it out.  Just so happens I was using coconut oil to make my yummy Crispy Coconut Chicken. 

So there I am; chicken sizzling in healthy coconut oil and me, scooping out more coconut oil and messaging it into my hair.  Naturally, after dinner I had a most necessary date with Pinterest and these are my top 15 favorite uses of coconut oil that I found! 

Dig In
Let’s start with the most obvious use of this miracle substance…eating it of course!  There are hundreds of recipes that use coconut oil, or can be made healthier with a coconut oil substitute.  You can sub it for shortening, butter, or other types of oil, and you can even add it to most sweet beverages…try it in your hot coco or coffee!  Don’t forget, if you wanna add it to a cold beverage you’ll need to heat it up into a liquid first. 

Coconut Oil Granola

Around The House

Don’t want to cook with it?  There are many ways coconut oil can help out around the house. 

If you have ever used a cast iron pan, you’ll know what a pain it is to clean them.  Instead of avoiding them, or wasting time scrubbing and soaking, try coating your pan in coconut oil.  Scrub a little dollop before you battle the leftovers on the pan and also after it's clean to keep it non-stick! 

Being a shoe gal, I know how high-maintenance leather can be.  Your boots were made for walking; so don’t punish them by keeping them safe and sound in your closet!  Just take a dab of coconut oil and rubbing it on to keep your leather clean and soft.

P.S. beautiful shine to your woodfurniture. (Just be sure to test it out on an inconspicuous spot first.)

I absolutely hate those stupid sticker labels and price tags that come on basically any substance they won’t come off of.  I always end up chipping a nail, or leaving gross sticky paper goo behind.  Never waste time scratching and peeling again!  Just add some baking soda to a little coconut oil, spread it on and leave it for 10 minutes, and voilĂ !  Try this gunk removal recipe!

I am not the biggest fan of wearing smelly bug spray, but I hate dealing insanely itchy bites even more.  So, your first DIY project of the summer has to be this bug repellant candle to keep the bugs from buggin’ you all summer.   Keep pests from buggin’ you with this recipe.  Also, if you have allergies, or even a runny nose, just rub a bit of coconut oil inside your nostrils for relief! 

Primped & Polished

As I mentioned, coconut oil does wonders for your hair!  You can use it as a pre-shower mask, either leaving it on overnight (use an old pillowcase) or at least 30 minutes before showering.  You can also use it in lieu of some of your everyday beauty products you usually drop bank on. 

Hair and Nails

Stop wasting money on an ultra moisturizing conditioner, because if you’re like me and have long hair, you know how fast that goes.  Just run some coconut oil from the roots to the ends of your hair, and rinse off thoroughly.  It’s awesome for dull, damaged and dry hair…especially mending split ends!

Another great substitute for your hair (and wallet) will enjoy is swapping coconut oil for finishing oil.  You’ll get that shiny and frizz free look your serums offer without the price!  For shorter hair you’ll only need about a pea-size and for us longhaired gals, about a nickel-sized amount to run through your wet hair and style. 

I cannot even begin to tell you how much I hate my nails!  I have tried an impressive variety of products of the years to mend my brittle, weak, peeling nails but it’s always the expensive ones that work.  Well, little did I know all I needed was 2 to 3 drops of coconut oil in the morning and before bed to get shiny, healthy nails. 


You guessed it!  Coconut oil is great for your skin too!  Just like cooking with it, there are many, many ways of nourishing your skin with coconut oil.  A little goes a long way and will help you moisturize problem areas without the heaviness of all those lotions.   It has worked wonders on my elbows and I also love to put it on after I shave in the shower for soft glowing summer ready skin.  How do you make it? Literally just whip the coconut oil in the blender until it is soft and fluffy, add some essential oils for scent/benefits, and put it in a jar!


Now this I had no idea was an option…you can use coconut oil as a shaving cream!  I had no idea that coconut oil has anti microbial and anti fungal properties that will help kill germs, while it’s fatty acids leave my legs super moisturized long after I shave them. 

Another great DIY project you’ll want to try out this summer is a coconut oil body scrub…I like to make a big batch and bottle some for gifts!  Making them yourself is a great way to get the exact scent you love at a fraction of the cost.  While you’re at it, whip up a batch of this awesome Brown Sugar Lip Scrub.  Trust me, you’ll thank me for it!

Face and Lips

There are several ways to incorporate coconut oil into keeping your lips soft and kissable.  You can try making your own lip balm, like this bomb brown sugar lip scrub, or you can just use it straight.  If you struggle with dry flaking lips try gently spreading some coconut oil on them to lock in moisture and smoothen out your cracked lips.  Once your lips have absorbed the wonderful moisture and feel smoother, take a soft bristle toothbrush to gently get rid of the dead cells. 

If you have had to endure a dreaded canker sore, you’ll know how quickly you want it gone.  If you suffer from them often, try taking a look at your diet…are you eating a lot of acids like pineapple and sour candies?  Because of it’s wonderful health benefits, coconut oil has been said to speed up that healing process and get your smile out of hiding.  Try this homemade recipe!.

Combination skin is the worst…especially when it includes acne.  It’s a vicious cycle; dry skin needs moisturizer, which then aggravates your normal/oily skin resulting in pimples, which then needs pimple cream that dries out your skin, and around we go!  Jump off this exhausting marry-go-round and put some coconut oil on that!  Believe it or not, coconut oil does not clog pores, and as we learned, has anti microbial properties to kill off germs that love hangin’ out with your pimples.  If you put extra virgin coconut oil on your acne and leave it there for about 15 minutes before washing it off, the coconut oil will actually push out all of the ‘bad’ oils. 
P.S. Even if you’re not acne prone, using coconut oil to remove your makeup at the end of the day will not only protect you from any blackheads, but also effectively remove waterproof mascara! 

Apparently, coconut oil will help boost your sex drive!  If you mix coconut milk and honey, it will help increase your sexual appetite.  Check out all the sex drive boosting foods here

These are only 15 of the hundreds of uses for this awesome oil.  If you are interested in reading more about the health benefits of coconut oil, check this article out!  Also, if you are particular about making sure you have the best coconut oil, here's a guide to help you pick the right one...I just went the organic route! 

I'd love to know what your favorite uses are below!  Comment your links below :) 



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