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Desk Essentials!

Your desk.  You probably don’t really pay too much attention to your desk at work, because, well…it’s a desk…at work.  Let me tell you, after you read this, you’ll never look at your desk the same! 

Did you ever really think about how much time you actually spend at work?  SPOILER ALERT:  This may depress you!  The other day I decided to calculate exactly how much time I spend at my desk, versus time I spend at home to try and better manage my time.  So, I wrote out a general schedule according to how long each daily activity takes.  It’s crazy when you write out your schedule and do the math! 

First, let’s add up the little daily things:

1 hour to get out the door in the morning
+ 1 hour round trip commute
+ 1 hour at the gym
+ 1.5 hours to cook and eat dinner
+ 1 hour to shower and get ready for bed
=  5.5 hours

So, let’s see how much time is actually left in the day:

24 hours
- 7 hours of sleep
= 17 hours
- 5.5 hours of daily things (above)
= 11.5 hours
- 9 hours at my desk from 8:30 – 5:30
= Less than 2 hours of free time

How crazy is that?!  With this newfound insight, I am on an ‘Organize My Life’ kick to make sure that I truly am using my time wisely (and enjoying it!).  Be on the look out for more posts like breaking up with your snooze button, meal prep for the week (like these mason jar salads), and how to de-clutter your morning routine! 

So, let’s start with making sure your workspace is a place you want to spend 9 hours a day in…can you say makeoverrr (cue spirit fingers)!  After all, you do spend almost 2 days a week sitting in your office.  Now are you thinking about your desk differently?  I thought so. 

Adding personal touches to your workspace and having a sense of home will greatly improve your mood and keep you happy throughout the day.  That is why it is important to have a desk that is unmistakably yours.  Oh, and don’t worry!  This makeover won’t be a paycheck gobbler either. 

First, let’s clean out those desk drawers and see what’s been pushed to the back and forgotten.  If you don’t remember the last time you saw any of it, toss it!  Unnecessary clutter will just make it seem like there is always a mess and make it hard to find things.  I love to sort things into piles because I am a visual person and it helps me actually see what all I have.  Make one pile for your extra staples, rubber bands, paper clips, and any other small office supplies.  Make another for all of those random beauty supplies that have mysteriously accumulated in that drawer…hand lotion, nail file, topcoat, bobby pins, etc. and keep going until every item is in a pile.

Now you know how many containers you’ll need and how big they need to be.  There are so many inexpensive, yet fun and chic ways to organize it all! 

Clear Plastic trays

Get these easy inserts for instant organization at The Container Store, Target, OfficeMax, Bed Bath & Beyond, and really almost anywhere! Perfect if you want a quick fix or aren't that creative/don't have the time and patience for a major desk makeover.  

Get these adjustable organizers here!
Get these clear organizers from The Container Store
Weave ribbon around these to make them super cute! 
These mesh organizers are super inexpensive! Use thread to make them personalized like below!

Decorative Containers & Organizers

Again, these can be found at The Container Store, Target, OfficeMax, Bed Bath & Beyond, and really almost anywhere! What's even cuter? Using a bowl or box to organize your desk, and since you didn't get it at an office supply section chances are no one else will have it at their desk!

How awesome is this organizer! Everything at your fingertips!
You could probably DIY too, but you can buy it here!

You can DIY with this crochet pattern

Super inexpensive and easy DIY gold bowls
There are so many different kinds of pencil cups and
office supply accessories you can get to add some personality to your work place.

One & Done!

There are also organizational units you can buy and decorate! 

These are so cute and boho from Urban Outfitters

You can also add pops of cheerful color with your folders and office items with Washi Tape (aka colorful, printed, textured tape)!

OMG! If you haven't used Washi Tape you're missing out!
The easiest way to upgrade anything...keyboard, pencils, folders, cups, anything!
Get some at Michaels, OfficeMax, Target, almost anywhere...or here!  In fact, here are 56 Uses to Decorate With Washi Tape!  Seriously....look through that, it's DIY heaven!!! 

These are some of the things I have done to my desk at Groove!
Who wants a boring folder? Simple, fast, easy and write with a black sharpie!  
Who wants a boring keyboard either?! 
A little bit on the larger scale...but check out how the same concept transforms this filing cabinet!

So easy! Use removable wallpaper or even wrapping paper!  Here's how to do it!  

Wayyyy cuter...and removable! 

Sit in a cubicle?  The only girl? Don’t like your co-workers?  Surround yourself with happy thoughts by getting small frames at the dollar store, Michaels, Target and frame your favorite pictures and motivational quotes.  

Don’t have room for frames?  Customize a mousepad coffee mug or calendar...or just get office supplies that make you smile!  Like me, I love gold! So, I try to incorporate it into my desk as much as possible! Check out these gold-dipped beauties: 

I don’t know about you, but some days by the time I’m done with lunch my appearance, and mood, could use a quick pick me up.  My face is shiny, my yummy perfume is long gone, my hair could use a little de-frizzing and I am fighting off a food coma…all before my impromptu meeting I just found out about.  When you look good, you feel good, so have the necessary supplies close by for a quick confidence boost. 

Here’s what you need at your desk:

Last but not least, and I know you’ve got one…the snack drawer.  45% of women gain an average of 15 pounds after 3 months of starting their first desk job!  It makes sense, I mean how many birthday treats, employee appreciation goodies, and ‘I made too many so I brought them in’ cookies have you had since you started your job?  Your snack drawer shouldn’t contribute to that…it should save you from it. 

Stock it full of 100 cal packs of raw almonds, protein snack bars, dried fruits, and dark chocolate covered something (super healthy for those monthly cravings).  Some of the girls here will keep a little jar of protein shake powder and the cute small size Blender Ball for lunch or a snack. 

When you get the birthday memo, be sure to snack a pack of almonds, or something high fiber to keep you full when the cupcakes go around.  You’ve got food pushers?  Take a few bites, just enough to kick that craving and participate (lol) and toss it.  Don’t let that cupcake make you feel guilty, after all, you didn’t buy it and you did enjoy it! 

Let's bring it all together...Check out these cubicles I found on Pinterest done right! 

I just LOVE the fabric covered walls and how cozy the lamp makes it! 

Is this possible? Either way...OBSESSED!  

Really digging the stripes....very Kate Spade :)

Such a cute and simple way to really turn up the happy vibes at your desk!
DIY or buy one here! Tons of colors :) 

Adding twinkle lights! Perfect and comfy...

...and of course those done wrong...weirdly overdone? 

but why?!

So go Groove Girls!  Be creative and make your desk unmistakably you!  I’d love to see how you craft up your desk, so let me know on Twitter or Instagram #officemakeover.  I’d love to share your ideas with everyone in upcoming posts! 


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  1. I have a fish/pencil holder at my desk! Really adds a little awesomeness to my day :)


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