Monday, January 5, 2015

Must Have Monday!

With a new year comes new changes!  I am going to switch it up a bit on Monday posts and do 'Must Have Monday' instead of 'ManiMonday'.  Let me know your thoughts in the comments! I will let you know what is a must have whether it's shoes, bags, makeup products, gadgets, anything! 

I have been wanting a pair of these so badly!  I had them on my wishlist, but looks like I am going to have to get myself a pair, because they are totally a must have....white Converse!  I know, I know, Converse are the sneaker to every color! I had a pair, but considering they are white, they didn't last long and I never really got around to getting a new pair with moving and, well, life.  Why do I think they are a must have for every gal?  Check out these super cute, fabulous, and awesome looks just for these bad boys!

Who doesn't love a good sweater outfit? It's like wearing sweatpants, but easier to pull off to work.  I love the heather grey/denim combo...with any shoe.  There is nothing more crisp and clean than an all white outfit.  Sometimes all white can really make you look dressy, but the sneakers really help make this one cute and casual.  

 Throw on a blazer! Who says guys are the only ones who can make jeans and a blazer sexy? Sometimes I am just in the mood for a blazer, or have a lunch meeting, and still want that put-together look.  Black or white, both these looks totally rock the Converse.  

 Style your denim with some white chucks.  I have short overalls, and would love a pair of long ones, but either length the sneakers really make the look.  Overalls are tricky though, so be sure to pair with a crop, or the right accessories/bag.  The leather legging and denim jacket is already a look I love to wear, but love it even more with those shoes! 

 My favorite! Sneakers and dresses!  Short, maxi, printed, stripped, solid, whatever!  I live in dresses most of the year living in California, so this look is the reason I must have a pair of white Converse. 

As for other brands with similar sneakers...I am dying over these from!!!

Groove also does a great job with sneakers and they are some of our most popular styles!  While we do have white ones, similar to my beloved Converse, we also have super fun prints.  My favorite is the arrow print.  Get your lace ups, your slide on Vans look, or even our hybrid.  Check out Groove's sneakers here


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  1. Have you seen the wool converse?! Obsessed with them!


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