Monday, April 7, 2014

A Shoe Addict Walks Into The Mall...

So, you've decided to goto the mall, huh?

How many times have you gone to the mall specifically for ONE thing, like the new foundation you've been out of for a week, but always ended up in the shoe department?
 photo anigif_enhanced-16095-1390986222-1_zps3a958f01.gif

You tell yourself you've got enough time for one lap just to browse...but in your head you're like browse?
   photo nonono_zpsf5dd0e88.gif

You can't not stop at the sale rack...that's just silly.
 photo anigif_enhanced-16706-1395809587-7_zpsc9649f27.gif

But this always happens!
 'These are SO cute...but they don't have my size and it's the last pair...I can squeeze!'
 photo anigif_enhanced-9981-1390987930-14_zps5b7a6f97.gif
Nope! No, definitely not!

Instead of cutting your losses and leaving, you start going over your finances to see if you can afford to venture into the main (fully priced) section.
 photo tumblr_m77bnjifgi1qal3lwo1_400_zpsd0ed3d0e.gif

But wait, since when do you do math? Or even care?
   photo anigif_enhanced-15845-1395810398-8_zpsd9cf50dc.gif

 As you browse, you feel extremely overwhelmed with too many choices, because, well, why can't you have them all?!
   photo anigif_enhanced-3511-1390987114-6_zpsaa9a73c0.gif

There are those so fabulous, you just had to try on even though you knew it wouldn't work out.  photo anigif_enhanced-buzz-8370-1390849326-37_zpsc6210128.gif

But then...
   photo anigif_enhanced-5133-1390988939-1_zpsebf34013.gif

The perfect fit!
 photo anigif_enhanced-7260-1390990021-5_zps3f87e463.gif

You remind yourself it is a crime to pass up the perfect shoe.
 photo anigif_enhanced-28984-1395943314-1_zps6971aa67.gif

But they are basically this month's rent...  photo anigif_enhanced-26689-1395149068-4_zps216decc5.gif

Well, who needs to eat?  I mean you wanted to start your bikini diet anyway!
   photo anigif_enhanced-buzz-27184-1385460128-9_zps6de106b6.gif

You hold your breath until the 'approved' flashes on the register, and then you get to take them home!
   photo anigif_enhanced-6302-1395943961-1_zpscc5688ff.gif

You most likely ended up leaving with more than one pair.
 photo anigif_enhanced-28964-1395943803-2_zps31e0b03a.gif

So, you call your best friend to schedule an immediate intervention.
 photo tumblr_lhlebrnwwt1qakh43o1_400_zps4b7d4f26.gif

Who then reminds you that you forgot to get the new bottle of foundation you went there to get.  photo Jenl_zps131b6874.gif




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