Friday, October 25, 2013

A Spooky Groovy Halloween!

Groove Footwear Eye Candy!

SPOTTED: Pumpkins with faces on porches and doorsteps.  Spooky spiders, skeletons and black cats decorate store fronts and windows.  It's almost Halloween and you're not ready!? Oh, what's a Groove Girl to do? Don't ask me, procrastinators, because I'll never tell!

Groove Girl

Our countdown to Halloween has begun, are you ready? If you're a last minute gal like me, this is all you need to read to have a spooktacular Halloween this year!  In a perfect world, I would start planning my decorations and party treats ahead of time, but this is the real world and getting errands done usually trumps looking for the yummiest smelling pumpkin candle and cutest jack-o-lantern.  Whether you're hosting a party, attending one or taking to the streets in search of full sized candy bars, I am going to give you last minute ladies a few quick and easy Halloween ideas.

One of the best parts about Halloween is all of the yummy treats!  I found some super simple recipes that are perfect to bring in to class, wrap up as party favors, or even just to have a little somethin' to nosh on at home.  
Halloween Puppy Chow!
Gluten Free Rice Krispies Pumpkins!
13 Delicious Pumpkin Seed Recipes!
YUM! Puppy chow was always a favorite of mine, so I will totes need to try that recipe! Are you hosting a last min shindig, or getting candy ready for your trick-or-treaters, but haven't had time to even think about the decorations?! No worries, just check out these easy DIY Halloween decorations:
Glitter Pumpkin Tealights
Creepy Crawly Balloons!
Spooky Glowing Eyes in the Bushes!
You've got your party snacks and decorations, now let's find you all the perfect DIY costumes!  A do-it-yourself costume might sound a little overwhelming, but there are some easy ideas that take little to no time or money...and are super cute!  Let's break them down by genre.

From the Silver Screen

Marilyn Monroe

A League of Their Own
Mean Girls

Cartoon Celebs

Where's Waldo? 
Snow White
Minnie Mouse 
I never realized how easy it was to make a costume out of the cute clothes I already have!  Take a look through your closet and don't stress if you don't have a complete outfit right away...there's always the dollar store, Target, Forever21 and lots of other stores you can get that missing piece (or the whole thing) and be able to wear it normally afterward! 

So, there you have it!  6 more days, and now you've got everything you need to have a

Happy Halloween!



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