Friday, February 27, 2015

14 Days of Love Bombs | Days 7 - 14

14 Days of Love Bombs

Days 7 - 14

*please forgive my terrible delay in posting...posted, didn't know didn't actually post (grrr technology), got super super sick, and posting now!*

Hooray! The second week of love bombs has begun, thus only one week until Valentine's Day! 
I would love to see your love bombs, post a link in the comments, or tag @groovefootwear in an insta! I must say, I loved my day 13 and 14 the most! 

Day 7

One of my Groove Guy's favorite candies, Red Hots!  I used 2 boxes of Red Hots to fill this small sized jar and used puffy paint to write on the jar, but you can put them in a baggie, jar, or whatever and print this gift tag for it, too!

Day 8

Definitely a morning love bomb! Inspired by this hilarious tank top boyfriend/girlfriend combo, "I'm just a cupcake looking for my stud muffin".  I picked his favorite blueberry muffin, but any muffin would work...or even a cupcake! 

Day 9

^  click to enlarge and save to print!  ^

You can only give someone so much candy...well, actually I personally could never have enough candy, but it was time to switch it up a bit with something healthy!  I couldn't decide which fruity love bomb I wanted to do, so I did both!  Technically, I was craving Cuties and the apple packs with carmel cups was too much to pass up.  

Day 11

Old school, but will never get old!  I love dipping an Oreos in milk almost as much as I love my Valentine, so this one is totally on point.  Yes, I did splurge on the reduced fat package as I could not find a single pack of Oreos to tie the straws to with a ribbon.  I now know in order to get the solo pack, I have to go to a gas station, or CVS, but seriously...common 2 people can't realistically share 10 cookies and be satisfied! Yes, I also call him my Cookie Monster, and for good reason. 

Day 12

You can incorporate Swedish Fish into a love bomb so many ways.  I always say I'm obsessed with you, and silly things like that, but you can say "I am O-FISH-ally in love with you", or get creative with it.  Otherwise, just click to enlarge the gift tag and save to print it as is. 

Day 13

I completely came up with this one on my own, because this is one of our favorite movies to watch together.  We literally try to watch a classic Adam Sandler movie every Valentine's Day.  Plus, I overheard him saying how he hasn't had a Snack Pack in years.  Personally, I like Jell-O pudding better, but for accuracy and effect, I got the Snack Pack brand...and it was awesome!

Day 14

I had so much fun making this pizza by hand...and by hand I mean I bought the Pillsbury pizza crust, sauce, turkey pepperoni, and cheese.  I also added crushed pepper, oregano, and garlic powder.  I saw some cute pizzas that had heart shaped pepperoni, if you have the patience and time for that it would be super cute.  I also had made heart-shaped ravioli that were pink and white for dinner earlier in the week.  I love all the heart-shaped foods that come about during February! 

Oh, and I made these for him for desert! Yum!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 6, 2015

14 Days of Love Bombs for Your Valentine

14 Days of Love Bombs

Days 1 - 6!

Not knowing what I wanted to do for my Valentine this year, I asked around to see if I was crazy for not wanting to do a fancy-schmancy Valentine's Day.  What I found is that everyone has a different 'special' day to celebrate love in that way, but not necessarily Valentine's.  Personally, I like to do an intimate date night for our anniversary, while my friend and her man do fancy dates for each other's birthdays.  

But wait...aren't you some kind of Valentine's Day grinch without the candle lit dinner?  As if! There are tons of cute Valentine ideas that are super inexpensive, but show how much you love your other half. To figure out what I would do this year, I set out to do what I do best...Pinterest! I saw all of the DIY date night ideas, but I kept seeing a bunch of corny and silly food ideas.  There were so many funny ones, that's when I decided to pick my favorite 13 and give my Groove Guy 1 each day until Valentine's Day! 

Day 1

 What better way to start off the 2 weeks of love bombs, than with a love bomb
I used 2 sticks of (dynamite) Rolos and wrapped them in red paper.  Construction paper would be perfect, except if you don't have any...then I just printed out a giant red square in Word.  I also printed out an alarm clock to tape on the front.  You can get as intricate as you want for the wiring, I saw pipe cleaners, actual wires, but I used a twisty-tie I saw laying around.  

Day 2

 I didn't even see an example of this one on Pinterest, but when I was browsing for candy I saw this 'gold nugget' gum (only $1).  At first I was thinking something along the lines of, "you're mine", but then thought it looked like a bag of treasure gold! Click on the printable tag and save the image, or make your own version! 

Day 3

There are so many fruit puns you could do, but his fave fruit is a banana.  You can do, "Orange you glad you're mine", "We make the perfect pear", "You're the apple of my eye", etc. 
NOTE: buy the banana on the day you plan to give it on, because these bananas I bought the day before and they started getting brown already.  Also, the ink from your pen will be absorbed into the peel, distorting the color after a few hours.  You might want to jot the note down right before you give it to them. 
p.s. on the back I wrote, "I love you bunches".

Day 4

This was another one I hadn't seen yet, but I immediately thought of it when I saw the Moon Pies.  I really loved this little card, so on the back of it I wrote down a special love note.  Save my image, or make your own with these cute sayings! 

Day 5

These coins are actually pretty easy to find and very inexpensive...I think they were 50 cents...maybe less.  I love that it's a pile of change, you can even get coins that look like real US coins, or even add in one of those $100 chocolate bills! 

Day 6

I originally had Swedish Fish for this one, but I came across a cuter use of them which I will use next week. The only tough part about this one was whether to use sour worms, or regular gummy worms!

Stay tuned for days 7 - 13! I have a special yummy treat for my Valentine on the 14th! 

Friday, January 30, 2015

Valentine's Day Outfits | Fashion Friday

Valentine's Day Outfits

Whether you are getting dolled up for a fancy dinner date with your hubby, playing mini-golf and picking up pizza, or just staying in with the girls (and by girls, I mean Cady, Regina, Gretchen, and Karen) these are the perfect outfits to rock on Valentine's Day! What I love most about these looks is that you don't need to be wearing all pink (except if it's Wednesday) to be cupidly cute!  All of these looks add a pop of pink with Groove shoes!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Groove Girls in the City | Fashion Friday

5th Ave is My Catwalk

Strut your stuff while you rock these street-wear inspired looks!  

Take it to the Streets

Winter Grunge