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Meeting the Parents!

Meeting the Parents: Holiday Edition

SPOTTED: If coming face-to-face with his whole family for the first time over the holidays is totally stressing you out, don’t worry… Groove Girl’s got your back!  Take a deep breath and blow the family away with your impeccable styling choices that make you blend right in! 

With Thanksgiving around the corner it’s about that time to start looking up recipes and planning outfits.  Figuring out what to wear to your own family dinner is a piece of pumpkin pie, but what if you are attending your boyfriend’s Thanksgiving?  Meeting the parents can be scary enough, but now we’re adding in the whole fam…yikes!

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Impressing your man? Easy. Impressing his family?  Take note on these quick tips to keep in mind:
·      Don’t ask him about all 50 potential outfits.  Chances are he has no idea what all the fuss is about and you might make him feel like he should be stressing about you meeting them too. 
·      Read up on the names of the family members that will be there and try to get pictures of them.  This will help you recognize them before you’re introduced.
·      Don’t come empty handed.  You don’t have to go Martha Stewart on them, but bringing a bottle of wine or a nice box of chocolates will definitely earn you brownie points right off the bat!
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Dressing to impress his family can be a little tricky if his family is more, or less, traditional than yours.  A great way to gauge the formality of the day is to Facebook creep on last year’s pictures!  Not only will you ensure your appropriate for the occasion, but you can also get some inspiration for outfits the women of the family will automatically love. 
So, his family is a laid-back, no drama, and casual celebratory group.  Even though it is a casual occasion, you still want to look your best because, hey, it’s still a holiday party.  You might come off the wrong way if you show up in a black mini dress, pumps, and bold jewelry.  Instead, opt for a classic, conservative style like this: 

Let’s turn it up a notch; his family is traditional, but in the no frills way.  You’re still not going to want to be super dressy, but jeans are not an option for the dinner table.  Show his parents that you’re a mature, sweet and confident young lady.  Try pairing a modest blouse with a feminine skirt…remember the fingertip rule ladies!  Ballet flats and simple jewelry will complete the look.  Try and pick jewelry that holds a sentimental value that can be a great conversation starter to break the ice before you get to know everyone. 
Woah there...It’s a holiday soirée!  To fit in at the table you’re going to need to look classic and modest…we’re not dressing up for a night in Vegas!  You’re not trying to be too trendy or audacious.  You want them to see you as a classic, sophisticated, and mature woman who they’ve always wanted their son to end up with.  Choose a dress that is figure flattering, but not too tight.  These are some great examples:

Dig out your classic, closed toed pumps, or dressy flats if his mom is petite.  Picking a dress with interesting detail (like a bow, pockets, or a plume) and have fun with your accessories.  Grab a tasteful glitzy clutch, statement necklace, or a gorgeous pair of earrings.  Timeless staples and classic (or even better, vintage/family heirlooms) will score you major style points.
Be sure to keep your hair clean and simple…stay away from the pageant curls or formal updo.  Especially if there are grandparents present, keep your makeup natural looking and shy away from the eyeliner.  Dressing the part is key when meeting your guy’s parents, especially when that first impression is over Thanksgiving, or other holidays.  Be sure to be yourself, but stay confident, polite, well mannered, and poised.  Most importantly, relax!  You got him to fall in love with you, most likely they will too!



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