Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Grooving on the World Wide Web

SPOTTED: Bulletin boards filled with pictures of shoes, color swatches, rough drafts and scribbled notes.  Excited chatter, phone calls and countless emails coming from the marketing department.  What is all the commotion about? Keep scrolling my little techies, because I'll never tell!

                  Groove Girl

Our website got some work done...a virtual facelift!  Don't forget to check it out and let us know what you think!

You have managed to navigate your way through the World Wide Web to read this, so I know you understand when I say technology moves so fast!  I swear, every time I get a new app, cellphone, or even log onto Facebook, almost immediately there is a new update waiting for me!  Apple seems to be pumping out a new iPhone model every 6 months and software updates every other week!  Just goes to show, if you want to stay in the game you've got to keep updating the playbook!

This is why we decided to give our website a quick little facelift....quick being the understatement of the century hehehe.  This project has actually been a huge, monumental and, at times, high-maintenance job.

It all started 2 months ago when the planning, development and initial make-over began. 175 emails, 6 redrafts, hours of discussing and revising, 3 photo shoots and technical difficulties later, we will FINALLY get to see what all of our hard work has become.

Michelle Drake - Photographer
Each shoe picture, page you can visit, graphics, and interactive buttons had to be specially coded and designed to make a comprehensive website for you all to enjoy.  It might not look like as much work as I described, but we had to figure out the perfect shade of pink, placement of icons and text, etc. = basically a different revision and correspondence each....now that's A LOT of emailing!
Better bookmark our new website right now as it is integrated with all of our social media accounts and blog!  Just make it your homepage because I know between our Facebook, blog and Pinterest accounts, you'll be on it every day J If that's not you, you should still bookmark it (or at least drop in every now and then) because how else are you going to know how to win FREE shoes, swag, gift cards and other goodies?!?

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