Monday, June 3, 2013

Grooving in the Streets!

SPOTTED:  Crowds of people fill the streets in Huntington Beach as live music and smell of delicious food fills the air.  What are all of these little white tents doing in the middle of the street? You'll have to keep reading, because I'll never tell. 


           Groove Girl

While I work on my Insider Access post about the photo shoot (including sneak preview of our behind-the-scenes video!!!) I thought I would tell all of you a little bit about our office in Huntington Beach and why I am SO obsessed with it!

I recently moved, making my commute to work about 30 minutes, rather than my speedy 5 minute drive.  When I calculated my new commute, I envisioned anxiously inching along the 55 with hundreds of other commuters in frustration.  Reluctantly, I got in my car and apprehensively merged onto the highway, only to find myself alone on the open road.  Thankfully, I still love my drive to work...I get to cruise along the ocean on the palm tree lined Pacific Coast Highway for like 10 minutes.  Groove Footwear's office location is still surreal to me.  Every day I sit down at my desk, I am amazed and thankful to be fortunate enough to work for such a great company and in such a fabulous location.
Not only is the physical location amazing (I love watching the waves crash along the shore), but I love the culture and atmosphere here too!  In each direction, the beach stretches as far as you can see and is always full of sunbathers and volleyball games.  Main Street is lined with adorable stores and delicious restaurants, as street performers fill the air with music.  I think one of the coolest parts about this area is the Surfer's Hall of Fame across from our office...all of the Great's hand, and footprints, make up the sidewalk.

Every Tuesday, Main Street is blocked off for the weekly farmer's market.  Tons of white tents pop up as the merchants unload their flowers, food, and items to sell.  Right in the middle of it all you see a live band setting up their equipment to play for the crowds as they buy their farm-fresh fruits and vegetables, or browse the fine art and jewelry.  The local stores also set up their clothing out in front, much of it on sale (I love a good sidewalk sale!).

I had such a great time walking with my girlfriends tent to tent, and even bought fresh flowers before we started to hunt for a place to nosh.  All of the restaurants have fabulous happy hours and all of the outdoor seating is always packed.  A select few are on the second story, like Hurricane's where we stopped to get tacos.  This was so much fun, not only because they had a fabulous Taco Tuesday deal, but also for the people watching!  Sitting high up, it was so much fun watching everyone walk around with their dogs and dance to the live music.

All in all, I think this is my new Tuesday routine!! It actually makes me excited for Mondays, because I know that Tuesday I get to meet up with my besties, listen to great live music, get my fresh flowers and vegetables, and of course Happy Hour! We're going to try a new restaurant every week!!!


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What to look for next week?!?

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