Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Starbucks Barista #Fails

Since the weather is getting cooler, you know many pumpkin spice lattes, spiced cider and non-fat peppermint mochas (hold the whip) are in your future.  Have you ever looked down on your cup in disbelief as to how someone could possibly misspell Katie as Caytee?  My favorite is my friend who said her name was Voldemort and her cup came back saying He Who Must Not Be Named...LOL! Well I came across this awesome video today and to prepare you for your upcoming season of major #fails and misspelled names, I am sharing it with you...don't worry it will all make sense (in just a few hilarious minutes). 

On the Starbucks note...if you haven't tried any of it before, here is the secret menu!



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