Monday, August 12, 2013

Groovin at the Mansion

The ESPY's Pre-Party at the Playboy Mansion

SPOTTED: Colorful lights in the trees and mansion walls, shuttle busses and limos, bunny tails, ears, and...corsets? Where did we find Groove Footwear shoes?  Keep on reading because I'll never tell!

               Groove Girl

Pulling up to the mansion a beautiful white peacock has taken refuge from the camera flashes and crowds in the tree.  Right below her, on the red carpet, celebrities and athletes pose for the camera and answer reporter's questions.  As the party bus shuttle make it's way around the infamous fountain in the driveway, the view of the Playboy Mansion is picturesque (just as I always imagined...I loved The Girls Next Door and know this grand view anywhere!).
I have finally arrived to the ESPY's Pre-Party and make my way through the perfectly trimmed hedges.  It is almost overwhelming at first.  Right in front of me is the famous sculpted rock pool, complete with waterfalls and, of course, entrance to the Grado!  There are lights dangling in the trees and bushes setting the scene for a magical, almost unreal, night.

Across from the pool is a huge stage where guests sit and watch the live performances.  I am reminded more of being in a Vegas club, rather than outside in the Playboy mansion's backyard!  In their own raised, and roped off sections, I spy Snoop Dogg (or should I say Snoop Lion now??) and Jamie Foxx.

Walking through the crowd I meet several professional athletes and bunnies.  I found a group of them and took some pictures.  One of the girls complemented my outfit (dress code is cocktail attire) and my shoes!  I couldn't wait to rep my Groove chunky and spiked 'Lexus' platform heel, and was SO excited when a Playboy bunny loved them!!  I can't wait to wear another fun Groove pair to the next Playboy party!  Hmmmm...which will it be? The 'Velvet', 'Bailey', 'Venice', or the 'Topanga'?!? Well, you will just have to wait and see!

Have you worn your Groove shoes somewhere cool? Let us know and I will feature YOU in my next post and on Facebook!

What to look for next?!?

::: Let me introduce you to our new intern, Ivy!  She is getting a hands on experience here at Groove and can't wait to tell you all about it! :::

::: While we are still working on the kinks and bugs, our website will be completed by the end of the month! :::

::: I have Vegan friends, but Vegan shoes?!?  Check back to hear more about this growing trend! :::

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