Friday, December 13, 2013

Fall Photo Shoot!

SPOTTED:  A caravan of Groove Girls driving around Santa Barbara with flowers in their hair and arms full of shoes.  They quick change, accessorize, touch up their makeup and hair.  Why are they dressed for the springtime in the middle of winter?  Well, you’ll just have to read on, because I’ll never tell!
                           Groove Girl

  Our Newest Groove Girls

It’s that time again, and I’m not talking about the holidays.  This past Friday, Groove Footwear featured the newest styles from our Spring and Fall 2014 lines in our photo shoot!  This shoot went unbelievably well…they just keep getting better every time!  Through all of the ups and downs, the stress and drama, we had yet another fabulous shoot!
Planning one of these takes a lot of time and organization!  We had to start planning it almost 2 months ahead of time!  The first obstacle was finding our photographer, hair and makeup stylists, wardrobe, and the most fun part…the budget!  Nothing gets officially booked until we coordinate and adjust our budget until its just right.  Our amazing photographer, Christianne Taylor, was our first to lock in for the shoot.  Her work is so beautiful, feminine, charming and whimsical.  While having experience in editorial, the weddings and other events she captures give her that versatility that makes her the perfect fit to capture the essence of Groove Footwear.

After the photographer, makeup artist, Janice Johnson, and hair stylist, Katie Lee were scheduled, it was time to start scouting the talent.  Chase stepped in to help add a little masculinity into the mix….hey, I mean we’ve either got a crush, a boyfriend, or hubbie.  It’s very important to find the right face and look for our newest Groove Girls.  We looked through so many amazing and beautiful young women, but when you see a Groove Girl, you just know.  We chose our fabulous threesome, Gabby, Hannah, and Leila, because they exude Groove Girls from the inside out. 

Once we got everyone booked, it was time for the fun part…wardrobe!  In order to really understand what types of looks we needed we had to pick out which shoes we wanted to features, as well as get a good feel for the locations.  On the Monday before the shoot, we drove up to Santa Barbara and scoped out a few prime locations.  In collaboration with Christianne, we solidified our 3 locations and storyline for the day.

Then it was time for the fun part...picking out all of the clothes and accessories! It's like the ultimate game of dress up...only with life-sized Barbies!  Along with our own clothing, we are so grateful to have been able to pull items from Holly Sharpe; a local Laguna Beach boutique we are obsessed with! 

One of the best characteristics of Groove Footwear is that no matter what you wear, Groove has the perfect pair!  We wanted to tell the story of a day in the life of a Groove Girl.  She can wear the same shoes from day to night, from class to the mall.  

We started off with a whimsical and feminine atmosphere at one of the Santa Barbara Mission locations.  The girls had flowers and braids in the hair, natural faces, and very casually elegant outfits.   We had SO much fun with the flower crown headpieces! Just amazing.  To switch it up a little, we added in a little a little black, fur and flannel to feature our trendiest boot collection for fall and show off a little bit of Groove’s edgier side.
Next we came back to the studio to refuel, change, and get ready for the next location.  To incorporate the playful, innocent and fun side of Groove, our Groove Girls hit the road for the beach in a vintage pink jeep in colorful outfits and fun Groove styles!  
After a day at the beach, what’s more fun than a bonfire party while the sun sets?!  Our boho-chic bonfire was the perfect place to wear our newest casual springtime styles, like our gladiator sandals and wedges.  Cuddling up next to a cozy fire in our Comfy slippers is such a perfect end to a whirlwind day!  

Stay tuned for more behind the scenes and exclusive sneak peaks at some of the final shots!



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