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Get in that Super Bowl Groove!

SPOTTED:  There is tension in the room as the Seahawks and Bronco jerseys start to fill up the house.  Everyone is excited to eat the delicious food…on a mini football field?  How did this gal transform her house into a football haven?  You’ll love this one, so read on because I’ll never tell!



The Best Super Bowl Party

As football season comes to an end, us girls finally feel a little bit of relief.  Finally, we can devote our Monday and Thursday nights to the Bachelor, Glee, Vampire Diaries, and other more important things in life.  One of the best parts about the commencement of football is the Super Bowl, of course!  Not only are the commercials hilarious, but you also get to throw a party your boyfriend actually wants to be a part of!  I have compiled the best Super Bowl party decorations, finger foods, drinks and outfits for this super day!

No one wants to come to a plain old boring house with a bowl of chips and salsa, so let’s look at some awesome ideas to spruce up your pad before the fans arrive.  Given the spirit of the day, your table will be the center of attention and needs to be perfectly picturesque.

Some things you’re going to need to grab at the party store is anything football, of course!  Look for some football plates, serving bowls, napkins, paper figurines, etc., and anything in your team’s colors!  I love the mini scoreboard with balloons and streamers as a table backdrop, or a cool chalkboard image (if you’re lucky and cool enough to have a chalkboard wall!). Can’t stand cheering for another team, but your team didn’t make it to the Super Bowl? Check out this unusual, but creative party theme: RIP NY Giants!     

If you’re on a budget and thinking of getting a plain old plastic tablecloth, think again!  Make your table into a football field with turf for under $15 by getting a tablecloth like this one ($5) and using ribbon, or white paint, for the yard lines.  WARNING, you’re man might love the table so much you might get stuck with it!

How CUTE are these mini foam fingers

A decorated table is nothing with out some grub on display!  Here are some supplies you’ll need to dress up your dips, dogs, and drinks! 

For decoration, or to label some of your dishes, these toothpicks are the perfect touch of football.  There is a great selection of printables and decorations on, like this Seahawks Party Pack and Broncos Party Pack. They have a lot of fun cupcake holders you can print out from your computer at home and cut out.  

If you’re feeling really crafty, head over to Michael’s craft store for some glitter scrapbook paper, Joliee’s stickers, and cupcake decorations!  Don’t forget to print out a 40% off an item coupon from their website before you go!

Let's Nosh

What’s a decorated table without any food!  This is my favorite part, because I love to cook and entertain, I am going to share some of the nibbles I plan on making at my Super Bowl XLVIII party.

Don’t forget the dip!  This loaded baked potato dip is absolutely awesome!  You got your chips and dip covered, and your loaded potatoes…the perfect combo if you ask me. 
Loaded Baked Potato Dip
It can’t be football without buffalo sauce!  I love these takes on buffalo wings because I get my saucy kick, but don’t have to look like a barbarian devouring a chicken with sauce all over my face.  I also love not finding sticky red fingerprints all over the house!

Buffalo Garbage Bread
I made this buffalo ring last year, and almost didn't even get a piece! A definite MUST this year!
Buffalo Chicken Ring
If you don’t want to get a typical veggie platter, these individual veggie cups are perfect!

It can’t be a tailgate without the burgers and hotdogs!  Being a veteran host, I know how hard it gets when all the guests have arrived, chips need to be refilled, spills cleaned up and the burgers are on the grill!  That’s why I am doing sliders this year!  They are easy to assemble and quick to cook…I have even seen recipes where you use a turkey meatball instead of a little patty.  Just make a bowl of plain meatballs and assemble to refill all day!  The little shot of beer is THE best touch!

These hotdogs are gourmet status, but look how easy they are to make!  Definitely going to try these out on Sunday, they’ll be perfect for summer BBQs.

What’s a party without gooey, yummy cheese! My mouth literally started watering when I came across this amazing recipe.  No further explanation needed…it’s a MUST!
Cheesy Bacon Bombs
Impress your guests with homemade pretzels and cheese dip!  It’s my favorite part of going to the stadium. 
Football Pretzels
I love the baked mozzarella sticks that a cinch to make (roll cut string cheese pieces in breadcrumbs and bake!), but these grilled cheese roll ups look like fun. 

Now for some sweet treats!  Cookies, cupcakes, drizzled popcorn, are all fan favorites and super easy to get together.  I always like to go a little bit beyond and have at least one super creative desert.  I’ll probably go with the yummy strawberries!

We're Having a (foot)Ball!

Now that your table is taken care of, let’s think about the guests.  You’ll need to spread the word that it’s going down at your place and what better way than with the most cleaver invitations ever!
Ticket Invitations
For those there for the party and food, not the football, you’ll need to have some other activities to keep them busy when the commercials aren’t on.  Try making this mini cornhole game!  It’s super easy, great craft for the kiddies, and a traditional football game. 
Mini Football Cornhole Game
Another football favorite is a drinking game of course!  This bingo style drinking game looks like so much fun, especially for me because my team didn’t make it this year and it’ll keep us all into the game.  If you plan on having drinking games and other adult beverages, you might want to consider handing out some party favors!

No matter which team you root for, with these ideas, you’re going to throw the best Super Bowl party anyone has ever been to!  I’d love to see how your party goes, so show me on Instagram @groovefootwear #itsagroovegirlparty #superbowlgroove!  


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