Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Music and Other Fun Stuff

Just some random videos I thought you'd like!  From awesome throwbacks that will make you nostalgic, to new music releases and funny videos to entertain you while procrastinating.  If you want more, or less, of something just comment below...I'd love to know!   


If you haven't heard yet, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (and Giggy of course!) are in Lady Gaga's newest music video, G.U.Y (girl under you).  I thought that watching the video would explain why they are all in there...and why they look like a girl singing group from the 50's.  Just like every Gaga video, after watching it I am even more confessed (yet thoroughly entertained).  If anything, you have to watch this to see Vanderpump jamming out on a tambourine. 

Get excited for this awesome news! One of our beloved N'Sync hubbie, Lance Bass, has released his first single in 12 years! What do you think about the song?  Should we be expecting a solo debut album soon?! Stay tuned, and enjoy!

Since the recent tragedy with Cory, it's about time for Lea Michelle's debut album, and we could not be more excited!! It's hard to imagine what she's been going through, but it's definitely provided her with a lot of fuel for this album. Based on her new single "Cannon Ball", it's easy to tell its going to be a good one! Whether you are going through second semester stress, or a trying time in your life, "Cannon Ball" will surely brighten even the darkest of days. Make sure to check out her new album!

How much fun is this video?  The Victoria's Secret Angels lip sync to Taylor Swift's Trouble!  No matter how old you are, everyone loves to sing along to their favorite girly song.  What's your favorite little guilty-pleasure song you love to sing in the shower or with your friends? Comment below, I'd love to know!

Our favorite Southern Groove Girl, Lizzie Sider, is always spreading the love as she tours all across the country.  We love how she adds her own personality to the many pairs of groove shoes in her closet!  She's not only inspiring Groove Girls to follow their dreams, but she has dedicated her tour to the prevention of bullying.  Everybody's got their own Groove, and that makes us all unique and special.  I hope you enjoy this beautiful song and share it's meaning with your friends!  
Groove Girls, "You look so much like an angel when you smile.  Maybe we are all angels, on the inside" 




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