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Spring Trends 2014

This past week I was in Las Vegas for Magic Market Week, one of the biggest tradeshows of the year for the fashion industry.  While I was there, I got to browse through clothing brand’s spring and fall collections, as well as attend some awesome seminars.  Needless to say, the trends coming our way for the Spring 2014 season were very strong throughout the show.  Since you all loved the Fall 2013 Trends post, I am super excited to get this out to you all! 

While you go through your closets for some routine spring-cleaning, you might want to hold on to a few old things!  I’ll tell you what’s coming back, here to stay, and what you need to run out and buy now to have impeccable style this spring.  I know that you’ve been seeing the spring forecast in Vogue, Cosmopolitan, InStyle (this magazine is literally the size of a textbook!), and all of the other fashion bibles out there, so I am going to highlight the top wearable spring trends of the season.  

Sheer Beauty
Just thinking about spring triggers thoughts of fresh breezy air and light colors, so it makes sense that the next major trend is sheer fabrics.  They are so light, airy, delicate, interesting and perfect for spring.  Depending on how you wear it, and how it is incorporated into the garment, sheer can add a dose of sex appeal or lightness to your overall look.  One way I have been seeing a lot of is peek-a-boo detailing that looks sweet, sporty and causal.  I also have seen a lot of modest sheer panels on skirts, shorts, dresses and tops that look beautifully mature, yet the mixed textures make it very interesting. 

It’s a no-brainer that pastels are in for spring, but each season the trend returns fresh and new.  An interesting trend I learned in one of the seminars is how strong pastels (especially pinks) are for men this year.  It’s not as much of a surprise considering the continuous blur between fashion gender lines…you can’t tell me you didn’t love the menswear influence lately. 

Whatever gender, shades of blush, rose and coral are going to be strong this spring.  Doesn’t that just scream baby girl?  No, not if you do it right!  The effect is very delicate, yes, but we’re not just talking about light pink.  If you’re on the pale side (especially after winter hibernation) you’ll want to stick with brighter and more saturated shades.  For those blessed with some color, or just got back from vaca, you’ll look absolutely fabulous in blush, coral and mauves.  Some other pastel shades to stock up on are icy blue, shades of radiant orchid (the color of the year!), beige, khaki, taupe, and of course, mint green (another big one).  Keep an eye out for these shades on leather jackets, cashmere and merino wool, along with the traditional fabrics. 

When you’re wearing pastels, try to wear them with light neutrals (grey, white, taupe) and metallics.  If you don’t typically wear light colors, but still want to rep the pastels, try pairing them with dark neutrals (navy and charcoal), or some brights.  If you really aren’t feeling it, you can still stay trendy this spring with pastel footwear and accessories!  Be sure to add a little smoky makeup to your eyes to keep your pastels out of the nursery.  You also want to skip the pearls and play up some tough accessories (like a cuff bracelet). 

Minimalism is still going strong and is a simple, yet elegant, way to radiate cool confidence wherever you go.  David Wolfe, the Creative Director of the Doneger Group, joked in his seminar that the color of the year should be black, because it is always strong in every season…I still can’t get over that he’s met Coco Chanel!  Anyway, minimalism is all about black and white…you don’t even want to interrupt it with a pop of color, just nude.  With mesmerizing architectural shapes made out of structured fabrics (like wool and leather) it gives you that mature, sophisticated, even intimidating vibe.  There won’t be any red lips or smoky eyes with this trend; it’s all about the simplistic look, so shy away from cluttering accessories and stick with a structured bag (or nothing). 

Flower Power
“Florals? For spring? Ground breaking” Miranda Priestly’s character in ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ sarcastically mumbles it probably what you’re thinking, but like it or not floral is getting rehashed this season.  Designers, however, always find a way to switch it up, yet keep it Blair Waldorf approved.  This season you’ll see sweet and wistful flowers, but also some dark and edgy ones too.  With the new technologies available, we will be seeing dramatic and intense colorful graphic patterns and designs, including amazing floral prints that were never possible before.  With this new tech we will also see lots of 3D flowers, petals, and accents to bring this everlasting trend into the new technological world.  
When you’re rockin’ the floral trend, be sure to limit yourself to one major accessory.  Piling on accessories with such a detailed print will sloppy and overdone, so try sticking to a structured bag or some statement earrings.  You makeup can’t compete with this print either, so keep your lips nude and maybe a hint of pink on your cheeks.  Also, don’t let your shoes ruin your outfit!  Instead, pair your shoes to complement an aspect of the print, like a petal or leaf, and the darker the flowers the more chunky your shoes can be. 

Fabulous Fringe
Fringe for Spring?  Yes, yes, yes!  I’m really excited about this look, because just like the designers, I fell in love with it after seeing The Great Gatsby!  Don’t worry, I’m not talking about a full on flapper dress…just tasteful accents and details.  At New York Fashion Week the designers proved it to be modern and cool with sleek silhouettes.  They managed to make it look soft and romantic, like Anna Sui’s Spring 2014 runway show, without a drop of cowgirl or biker chick.  Joseph Altuzarra used leather fringe in his Spring 2014 line to create dynamic effects on minidresses and slit skirts.  So get ready!  Keep an eye out for tassel-hemmed knits, silky strings on boxy shifts, cozy strands on jackets, skirts, purses, and of course, shoes!

A Little Razzle Dazzle
I hope you love a little sparkle, because designers are embellishing everything this season!  From barely there sparkle, to matching pieces dripping from head-to-toe in glimmering jewels.  Simply by adding a little sparkle to a sporty piece makes it ready for day-to-night!  This is really big for footwear this year, like Marc by Marc Jacobs embellished sneakers, and dressing up the sporty look.  This Spring, it’s not just about adding some crystals or sequins, it’s about 3D embellishments, beads, flowers, feathers, plastic shapes, and studs.  Because the clothing is an accessory in itself, we’re definitely skipping statement bags and jewelry.  Also, remember to wear your hair up, or tucked behind your ears so you don’t takeaway from the detail (or get your hair stuck in the embellishments!).

The Crop Top
If you haven’t started shedding the holiday treats, you’re going to want to invest in a Barre or Pilates class, because crop tops are (still!) going to be huge this summer and spring.  There basically wasn’t a runway show that didn’t have cropped knitwear, blouses, t-shirts, tanks, or jacket in it, but if you aren’t too keen on doing 1,000 sit-ups every night, then you’ll want to be sure to invest in some high-waisted bottoms.  It’s easier to show just enough midriff with a cropped top and high-waisted skirt than with a pair of shorts (plus you can sneak in some spanks under that skirt!). 
Rockin’ the crop-top appropriately can be tricky, but just stick to a fluid fit or oversized fit to offset how short it is.  Wearing them with something high-waisted is a great way to dress them up (and hide the pooch), but you can also pair them with baggier bottoms like boyfriend jeans, full skirts, harem pants, and that type of thing.  If you really want to be up-to-trend, but refuse to show some skin, think of them more like a third piece to layer with. 

Sporty Spice
Whether you go to crossfit everyday, or shopping is your cardio, you’re gonna want to load up on sporty-chic!  We’re talking about those adorable tennis skirts, track jackets, tons of sweatshirts, track pants, and anything with washed satin, silk organza, technical mesh and leather.  Gucci, Emilio Pucci, Tom Ford, are only some of the glam brands that did it right this year.  If you haven’t had a chance to see Chanel’s Spring 2014 collection, it’s a must, not only because it’s obviously amazing, but also because the 64-look collection was all styled with fantastic sneakers! Don’t worry, you won’t look like a tomboy or a gym rat, as long as you avoid ponytails (at all costs, try a sleek middle part), show a little skin (cropped, cutouts, or sheer fabrics), and boost that sex appeal with some killer heels.  Structured bags also help dress up the look, or try a cute backpack.

Bringing Back the 90’s!
If you have been having déjà vu lately, it’s probably because the nineties are back in full swing!  Given fashion is cyclical and everything comes back in style about every twenty years, we’re going to be seeing more overalls and bold colored graphic designs this Spring 2014.  Some designers went with a more minimalistic throwback, others captured the essence of the decade with iconic pieces, like DKNY’s 90’s Revival Collection Opening Ceremony. 

Super Science
One of the exciting developments in the fashion industry, which I heard a lot about in the seminars, is the effect of new technology.  With this, we are going to be seeing a lot of new fabrics emerging over the next few seasons.  I already mentioned how much more intense and colorful the graphic designs are becoming, but that’s just the start of it!  A huge trend in shoes, clothing, accessories and purses is the holographic materials.  It doesn’t have to be the silvery color, but also in pastel shades.  Wearing this metallic iridescent color looks amazing with crisp white!  We also will be seeing fabrics with wrinkle free technology, as well as stain repellent fabrics.  Some cool one’s in the works will probably takeover the Fall ’14 season are fabrics that change color as they stretch and fabrics that change colors according to your body temperature! Hello?! Mood rings…that you wear!?

Now that you’re in the know, I expect you all to be fashionably fabulous this Spring 2014 season!  I’ll see you all in the Fall!




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