Monday, June 23, 2014

15 Signs Pinterest is Ruining Your Life!

15 Signs Pinterest is Ruining Your Life! 

  1. You’ve wasted far too many hours browsing memes and ecards rather than, you know, studying.
  2. The education category has made you second guess your major.
  3. Your friends are starting to think you have a problem by the number of Mason jar-related items you’ve accumulated.
  4. Your idea of a good time went from bar hopping to organizing your boards.
  5. Sometimes you forget that pinning makeup tutorials does not mean you’re a makeup artist.
  6. Or a hairstylist.
  7. Your entire wedding is planned down to the bridesmaids’ dresses–the only minor detail you haven’t worked out is the groom.
  8. The amount of money you’ve spent on crafts is depressing.
  9. You’ve seen enough #fitso pictures to induce many failed cleanses and low carb diets.
  10. You find yourself saying things such as, “I can cook, I got the recipe on Pinterest.”
  11. You’ve started speaking solely in motivational and inspiring quotes.
  12. Pinterest started your love/hate relationship with monogramming every. single. thing.
  13. Your little has enough crafts to fill two dorm rooms.
  14. Your online shopping addiction has only increased, leaving you with things like a “bath wine holder.
  15. Your ovaries might explode if you see one more cute picture of a baby.
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