Monday, January 13, 2014

Break ALL the Rules

SPOTTED:  Foundation after powder?  Curling lashes after mascara?!  Why are lovely ladies tossing the beauty rulebook out the window? You’re not gonna want to miss this one, so read on, because I’ll never tell!
Have you ever Facebook stalked yourself? I have, and the one (maybe not so) surprising thing I noticed that evolved over the years was my makeup.  Reason why?  Constant research on the best products, brushes, application techniques and any other tips I could find for my sensitive skin.  Now, I have turned my daily regimen into second nature…I literally can do it without even looking in the mirror! 

While I appreciate natural beauty, there is a time and place for makeup.  After all, it’s all about being creative and self-expression.  All of the different products can add up and the do’s and don’ts can be very exhausting, so I have started looking into ways to simplify my bathroom counter.  You’ll never guess what I found out! I have compiled all of the rules you thought were helping you, and I’m telling you to BREAK them (and why)! Rules are made to be broken, right? 

A clean face is a happy face!

1. Cleanse your face once a day:  If you’re like me, you thought the best way to start the new day is with a fresh, clean face.  Well, it’s time to break that rule and vow only to cleanse your face at night.  Falling into bed without washing off the day will only invite bacteria, oil, dirt and leftover makeup to clog your pores while you sleep.  You’ll wake up with unwanted acne, more defined fine lines and wrinkles, and after a few nights that leftover makeup will actually start to dehydrate your skin!  If you’re thinking, “Eww, Groove Girl, what about my face in the morning?!” don’t worry, just try this.  Cleanse your face and exfoliate (I love sonic brushes!), then in the a.m. simply rinse your face with water.  Prep your refreshed face for your makeup with a gentle toner and cotton ball.

2. Getting routine facials: Facials are awesome!  You walk away feeling clean and unclogged, but you may be causing more harm than help to your face.  Extractions, DIY or done by a pro, can lead to scaring, or even cause a permanent mole.  The best remedy for clogged pores is a nightly routine with a sprinkling of facial masks and exfoliation.  Love that feeling when she turns up the heat to steam your face and open your pores?  While steam will help open your pores for a deeper cleaning, the heat can actually burst capillaries in your face!  You don’t have to give up the steam, just take your nightly routine in the shower.  The gentle steam will help open pores for when you cleanse and exfoliate.

  Feeling too young to anti-age:  It’s all about prevention and preparation when it comes to your skin.  You might not think that you need to worry about anti-aging in your 20’s, but these vitamin packed fountain of youth products will be the reason you look 20 something when you’re in your upper 30’s (and stay lookin’ fab in your 40’s).  I’m not saying you need to buy the entire anti-aging line, just simply try using 20% glycolic pads three times a week.  Using a retinol-based product on the nights you haven’t swiped will help lock in and preserve your young skin.  P.S. don’t forget your neck and hands…they’re right behind on the list of parts of your body that are most visibly affected by aging.

Start with a blank canvas

1. Foundation first, then powder:
We have been told, even on packaging, to apply foundation prior to powder.  What if I told you that you can achieve that flawless, airbrushed look if you powder first!  This is one of the rules I am most excited to break!  If you give your face a light dusting of a fine powder before your liquid foundation/moisturizer it will help fill in and prep problem areas for better coverage.  When you apply your liquid, the powder will help it stick to your face better and avoid that caked on dilemma.  Don’t worry, you can still put powder on after foundation for those shiny problem areas or cover acne scars.
2. If you know foundation goes all over:
Hate to break it to you, but you don’t need foundation from ear-to-ear!  It might seem easier to just cover your whole face, but you could be suffocating your pores.  The best makeup technique is to perfect your skin’s complexion and highlight your best features, not mask your natural beauty completely.  Try a light dusting of powder all over followed by foundation only where you need it.  Use it where you have scars or uneven pigmentation, like your chin and around your nose.  Avoiding your entire face, like forehead, can help keep your shininess at bay throughout the day, but still achieve that fresh and natural look.

3. You hide behind your foundation:
If you are washing your face, trying the creams and nothing seems to be helping those clogged pores and unwanted acne, it could be your makeup!  If you’re using a foundation that’s too heavy you could be suffocating your pores.  You might have problem areas that are easier to hide under a full coverage foundation, but that is not a solution to clear it up.  Try finding a foundation that lets your skin breath underneath it.  A breathable foundation will help conceal any skin issues you’re frustrated with, but its lightweight consistency will help it breath and recover!

Bat those lovely lashes

 photo tumblr_lzod2u9OFm1roq2cho1_500_zpsee87cb73.gif

1. You only curl your lashes before mascara:
While this is a highly debated topic in the makeup world, it might actually be better to you’re your lashes after mascara.  Makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts argue that if you curl them while the mascara is still wet, you’ll be at risk of breakage or pulling out your lashes with the curler.  However, if you use a light coat of mascara and allow it to dry completely, you can curl those lovely lashes and enjoy a better curl that will actually stay long!

2. You have to focus on only one feature:
Typically, this rule stands true.  However, we are seeing more and more smokey eyes with bold lips…and they look fabulous!  Sometimes when you only focus on your smokey eye, you can make it seem like you didn’t really finish the rest of your makeup (especially in pictures with a flash).  I’m not sayin’ go out with an intense cat eye and bright red lips, but use your judgment and you can look impeccably polished.

So there you have it!  Some of the best beauty rules to break! Be sure to use makeup to enhance your features, but don’t hide behind it.  Not only can you create skin problems, but you’re natural beauty is one kind that no one can steal or replicate! 



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