Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Strut Your Mutt!

We're Barkin' & Groovin'

Come join the Groove Girls as we give back to our favorite furry friends the first Saturday of September!  Let me tell you...this is one PAWsome event you won't want to miss.  If you are in the Orange County/Los Angeles area come on down and Groove with us.  Our booth will have refreshments for the pups and crafts for you!  We will be decorating Groove doggie shirts, bandanas, and playing in our puppy picture booth!  There will be fun tunes, prizes, giveaways and more...can I get a woof woof!? 

Considering it's Wednesday...and what's a better pick me up than is how your day will go in adorable GIFs, pics and videos!

Wake up sleepyhead!
Brew your coffee and try to stay awake!

Or you could always go pick up a Venti!

Get dressed and get ready Strut Your Mutt!

Whip up some woofles sound good nom nom!

Put on your shoes on and head out the door...

Jump in the car for a quick ride to Will Rogers State Park...or have your furry friend take you!

Pump up the tunes and jam out on your way to see the Groove Girls...

Get ready for a rewarding walk to give back to shelters!

Just Kidding!

 It's a long day...I know...but you did it! Homeless pets will thank you! you've never been so happy to see your bed!

Night night!

 Just year we will have these balls as a goodies at our Groove booth!



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