Friday, August 23, 2013

Grooving at the MAGIC Show

SPOTTED: In the scorching desert heat on the Las Vegas strip, thousands of fashionistas flock to the convention centers.  Under the bright lights, hundreds of exhibitor's booths are being set up. What are they all preparing for? Read on my friends, because I'll never tell!

                Groove Girl

As we arrived on Sunday afternoon to the Las Vegas Convention Center we knew the WWDMAGIC trade show was finally here.  We joined the hundreds of exhibitors and vendors as we sought out to find our booths.  Being one of the biggest shows of the year, we made sure to triple check our packing lists and duffle bags to make sure we had every shoe and style to show.  In a few short hours, all of our hard work was finally about to pay off!

One of the biggest shows of the year, MAGIC MARKET WEEK is often described as the Fashion Week of trade shows.  WWDMAGIC is the centerpiece of MAGIC MARKET WEEK and an industry powerhouse for creating connections, introducing fashion trends, and driving commerce within the women's fashion market.  At the show, over 30,000 buyers shop around for the latest trends and hottest styles.  Exhibitors from around the world show off their extravagant booths, hand out swag and showcase their newest lines.

Our marketing department spent weeks getting our newly redesigned booth ready for the show and did a fabulous job!  We really appreciate all of the positive feedback and complements throughout the show.  In case you missed us, our Tiffany Blue booth was draped with a whimsical sheer white fabric and inviting ruffled curtains separated by sparkling chandeliers. 
We got our order forms ready and set up our photo booth with our mustache props (if you stopped by the booth, be sure to check out the Facebook album to get a copy of your pic!). As we unpacked all of our duffle bags and unstuffed shoes, you could feel the excitement and anticipation for the attendees to be let in.  

Walking in to the first day of MAGIC, it was almost overwhelming!  With several new faces and so many new shoe styles, the Groove family sat down to discuss what was about to unfold.  Our designers pointed out which new styles we had and the fashion trend in which they drew inspiration from.  The 4 main trends for our new Spring '14 line is Classic Americana, Tribal Patterns, Geometric Shapes, and Carnival Inspired Colors.  
Our Spring line plays with bright colors, new textures and materials (like elastic and lace), subdued gladiator and comfy casual.  Shortly after set up the crowds filled in and the show had begun. These were some of our top shoes that you all couldn't stop raving about!

Before we knew it our booth was full of interested buyers and store owners with arms full of sample shoes and Spring '14 must haves.  We could hardly keep them on the shelves!  One of the most exciting parts was when we saw our featured denim star flat in the Footwear News August edition!!!  Keep an eye out for Groove Footwear in future editions and other magazines!

When the final day arrived, our voices were fading and our feet were getting tired, but being such a passionate group we never skipped a beat! All in all, the show was a major success and we are super excited to have so many of our shoes out there in your stores! Thank you so much for all of your love and support over the past week.  We can't wait to see you at the next show!!

The Groove Family

What to look for next?!?

::: Words from our intern, Ivy!  She can't wait to tell you about her experience with us :::
:::  Wondering what a Vegan shoe is? Stay tuned for an informative post about this shoe trend :::



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