Friday, March 28, 2014

Can't Get Enough Shoes?

Are you just as obsessed with shoes as I am?  You’re going to love these high heel inspired products…and probably purchase all of them! Don’t worry I’ll link them for immediate purchase.  It's just not enough for those obsessed to have a closet full of shoes.  No, we need shoe keychains, shoe notepads, pictures of shoes, and any other random shoe product we can get our hands on.  I decided to go on a shoe hunt for the cutest shoe make sure I haven't missed any!

Shoe Speakers

How fun are these! They don't seem to be the most practical in portable speakers, but I would totally rock them at my desk at work, or in the bathroom getting ready!  They are only $25 on Amazon, and also come in a classic black stiletto.  

Heel Condoms

Okay, okay...I know this isn't a shoe shaped product, but they are actually pretty cool.  Sometimes I want to have a specific look using my shoes, but I am not going to go out to buy a pair for just one outfit.  I also think these would be great when you need to wear your comfortable heels, but they aren't that cute...womp womp!  Cue infomercial voice: With Heel Condoms you'll never run into that again! With Heel Condoms (awks), you can add that stylish touch to your regular pair of heels. **WARNING** some of them are a little ridiculous, but a handful of practical ones. 

Wine Bottle Holder

This is the perfect gift for all of you vinos out there!  This wine bottle holder is a perfect gift for a birthday, holiday, breakup present (with a bottle of red included), or just a random 'thinking of you' gift. The Home Wet Bar has a ton of different stilettos to choose it weird to have a few? 

Bottle Stopper

I am guilty of already owning one of these...but could always use another!  Bed Bath & Beyond sells these for $8, but they are everywhere (especially gift stores) and wineries.  Perfect for little party favors, stocking stuffer, secret santa, or random present! 

Scotch Tape Dispenser

You can get this cute little desk accessory at any Target or office supply store. Groove definitely has a few of these floating around the couldn't we! Those huge brick looking things are so last season. 

Stilettos for Your Phone

How adorable are these!?  Keep your phone screen always in sight with these stilettos for your phone.  Perfect when you're watching a movie or your favorite series and don't want to hold it up the whole time.  The best part...they're under $10 here

High Heeled Bath

Oh yes...that's right, I said bathtub! I don't know how comfortable it would be to take a bath in a shoe, but I'd love to try!  Needless to say, if you're obsessed with shoes I know you'll be drooling over this giant stiletto...because unless you want to drop $17,000 you'll be taking shoe baths in your dreams.   

One for the Dogs

You won't have to worry about your dog eating this shoe, because it's hers after all!  While Crocs aren't the cutest shoe in the world, it's still a doggie bed in the shape of a shoe...and actually practical for those pups who love to burrow in their blankets.  Oh, and don't worry it comes in a few colors (lol). 

Smell Like a Shoe

Leave it up to Nine West to take it to the next level.  Not only do they have amazing shoes, but now with Love Fury, you can smell like them too!  For $45, you can pick up this delicious perfume with notes of mimosa, mandarin orange, musk, and amber.  Oh, and don't worry...for $89 you can buy the matching pointy toed pump.  

Drive Your Stiletto

There once was a woman who drove in a shoe...wait? Huh? Yup, someone managed to turn their giant red stiletto into a drivable shoe-mobile! I don't know what else to say about this, except to each her own!  Oh, and I hope I see this driving down the street some day! 




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