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Every Shoe Deserves a Home

As we prepare for our annual spring cleaning, it's always a good idea to take a second to check out any new organization tips.  Usually, my spring cleaning consists of going through clothes to store or donate, sorting out the pantry and deep cleaning the fridge, and refolding all of my drawers.  I never really pay much attention to my shoes though.  The furthest I got in organizing them is tossing all of the flats and sandals into a dresser drawer.  I did however implement a new organizing method using shower rods for all of my heels.  To save you all some time, I have compiled 15 of the easiest shoe organization tricks on the web.  

This is the trick that I told you about.  Honestly, it's awesome!  I didn't really understand what I was doing until I had it all done.  You just have to goto Home Depot, Bed Bath & Beyond, or Target to get adjustable shower rods.  Be sure to measure your closet before hand, so that you know what length to get.  Once you have staggered the rods, and secured them to the walls, just place your shoes on top! Voila! 


Hang your boots using pant hangers!  I seriously always thought these were special boot hangers (which I think they do have).  It's awesome if you already have a bottom hanging rod in your closet, but if you don't you can always use the shower rod method above, or easily set one up.  Lowe's has a simple system that you can instal into the walls, or if you don't want to make any holes you can try a hanging add on to your existing rods.   


I love this idea for my next house (once I get a big enough closet), because it's simple looking and doesn't steal my floor space.  Just get as many double towel racks for amount of shoe rows you want (or desperately need).  Make sure the towel racks you get are staggered so that your heels appear level, like the picture.  You can also alternate with racks that are parallel to each other for your sneakers, flats, or wedges.     


A Lazy Susan for shoes?! How smart! It was kind of hard to find a Lazy Susan that looks like this, but leave it up to to come to the rescue!  If you don't want to spend over $100 on one, like this, you can always opt for the DIY method.  


I really enjoy the appearance of this method.  I don't recommend trying to set this up if you are only in your place for a year, or know your landlord will throw a fit.  Not only does the crown molding hold your shoes perfectly, but don't you love how you can hang up your outfit for the next day too? I don't think I would put this up in my bedroom (I don't think my hubby would appreciate that hehe), but you can get crown molding cut in any length you want at a home improvement store. 


Did you ever think to use paint cans to store your flip flops?  Apparently they are the perfect depth to hold all of your sandals in!  Keep them silver metal, paint them, cover them in glitter/rhinestones, or cover them in fabric...whatever makes you happy to see every day.  All you have to do is nail them to the wall, wherever you want/have space, and you're done!

I just absolutely LOVE this!  I am going to go ottoman shopping this weekend, because I am just that obsessed with this.  I have seen those shoe benches before, but I want it for the base of my bed to store extra blankets and sheets.  This is perfect for those adorable closets with enough space for a little ottoman, or even in the bathroom.  Heck, put it in the living room...I just want one! It's super easy to just sew in the fabric holders, or take a hanging organizer and sew it in.  Don't forget your fabulous inner lining! This one is so Lilly/Vera, but I think deciding which fabric to line it with will be the hardest part!

Now this concept caught me off guard...I mean I'd say 'why didn't I think of that' because it is so genius, but I know I wouldn't have in a million years!  The only thing is I don't know if there is a weight limit, because she used baby shoes.  I don't see why hanging my flats would be an issue, so I totally want to try this out.  I also think it's cute for a by-the-door organizer for those shoes you wear every day...maybe above a cute shoe bench by the door. 


These awesome shoe cabinets are compliments of that a surprise?  Costing you $129 for one, these are the perfect depth and height for a good portion of your shoes.  I almost bought these for my current apartment, but didn't have room (womp, womp), but I do plan on buying 2 of them when I move...unless the other DIY options work better.  We'll have to see what size closet I can get my hands on next! 


This is an adorable way to display your fabulous shoes and keep them organized!  You can get a glass door, or solid, cabinet about if price is an issue this is a great option.  This also is perfect for those who don't have a closet!  I bet you could get some cute little stick-on LED light strips to really showcase them.  

This is not quite a spring cleaning method, because you have to really get all home improvement on your closet, but I still think it's an awesome idea for those remodeling or buying/building a house.  I have seen this type of hiding storage for the bathroom and kitchen, too.  This will somehow be incorporated into a future house of mine for sure!


Not a DIYer? Don't worry, just go out and buy a bookcase that fits in between your hanging walls.  Fill the whole thing up with shoes, or stick some boxes in there too.  Whatever floats your is your closet after all. This is a very easy way to add shoe storage, and don't forget you can use any shape/size book shelf too!  I like the wide and short ones so I can put it under my hanging shirts to really save space. 


Speaking of boxes, there is always the good old shoe box technique!  I love the cute label tags that show detail of which shoes are in which box.  You can always use clear ones, but if you're going for a specific aesthetic, using which ever color/texture box that matches your theme will really bring everything together.  I would totes suggest you check out The Container Store for chic boxes and bins!

If you are really getting into spring cleaning in a home improvement way, this is a great option for you!  Ikea has such easy closet storage systems that you can customize for your specific closet needs.  This wall shelving unit is only $89, but gives you a lot of space for your shoes.  


I enjoy the look of this shoe storage idea, I also like the concept of recycling materials (I've got your back trees!).  This is perfect for those of you who have cute boho chic decors and can pull this off.  You can also paint the crates...can you say gold spray paint?!  

I hope you have been inspired to include your shoes in spring cleaning this year!  If you have any cool tips or tricks to organize your closet, share them below!  I'd love to pin them to our Dream Closet or Tips board on Pinterest for everyone to see!




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