Thursday, June 13, 2013

Groovin to a New Place!

SPOTTED: Girls in wedges, dresses, and chic shades in Newport Beach...carrying a couch? Boxes, bags and furniture fill the driveway.  What is going on in the beach house on the golden coast? Better read on, because I'll never tell!

         Groove Girl

As I mentioned last week, I have moved from my Newport Beach house to a new spot a little further away from the office.  For the past week, or so, I have been moving everything from my old house with my roommate after work.  I must admit, we looked a little ridiculous moving furniture and boxes out of the house in our heels (hey, I like to wear a cute outfit to work!), but we got it all done.  Now, I have to focus on moving in to my new home.  This is where Groove Footwear's Pinterest boards have been just what I needed for a stress-free move.  

These pins that I used were SO helpful and pinspiring (hehe get it!?), that I wanted to drop some knowledge on you all...but really, these are genius.  The main obstacles I had to hurdle first was the kitchen, closet, and bedroom.  The first pin you have to know about is for the most important items in my shoes duh!! Just as any other fashionista in her twenties, I have my fair share of shoes.  I was so overwhelmed when I kept finding more and more shoes after I already filled up my limited closet space!  I saw this pin on Groove's Dream Closet board and decided I'd try it out.  Two words...LIFE CHANGING.  I did two rows of shoes on the floor and two rows of tension rods above them (like what you hang a shower curtain on).  Not only does the closet look really organized and nice (I fit about 10 pairs in each of the four rows!), but it amazed me how easy and cheap this was! It is way cheaper and nicer looking than buying shoe racks or bins for them all.  

There are tons of great pins on Groove's boards, it was hard for me to pick which ones to definitely check them all out for yourself! This other pin is for my next favorite place in the house (besides my cozy, comfy bed), where my other important things live...the kitchen! I absolutely LOVE to cook...never without my friend Vino of course :) The problem with moving into a place with a smaller kitchen is the lack of space to keep all of my pots and pans.  This pin blew my mind! How I never thought of it before is beyond is so simple and obvious! Using magazine organizers to hold and divide your pots and pans!!! It looks effortless (and it was!), but it is also a super frugal idea! FYI: Ikea also has a similar product that holds the pans and lids vertically.  I got a few for my Tupperware lids! Mind blown? I thought so. 

The last featured pin is not exactly a moving, or organization idea, but I still think its amazing and have to share...obvi!  As I mentioned, I love to cook (it's probably my favorite hobby) and I hate when a recipe calls for fresh herbs, but only a small amount.  The grocery store only sells it by the bushel and I hate seeing it go to waste!  That is why I am in love with this pin!  I can have my own organic, homegrown herbs AND I don't have to worry about under/over watering them!  I recycled some of my wine bottles and threw in some rope...voila! P.S. it also makes my kitchen smell so good!

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What to look for next week!?! 

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