Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Strut Your Mutt | #GrooveCares

Paws & Puppy Swag

Thank you to all of you who came out to Will Rogers State Park with your pups to support Best Friends Animal Society and say hi to the Groove Girls!  We had so much fun decorating doggie Groove gear with you all at Strut Your Mutt!  If you missed out, we had a blast decorating Groove doggie t-shirts, bandanas, and doggie bag holders for your leash.

Of course the pups loved the free cookies we brought...they looked so yummy we had a human sneak up and steal some for himself...LOL!  I tried to tell him they were for the dogs, but he snuck away so fast!  From what I saw he really enjoyed them, eating them slowly and thoughtfully...he didn't even have a dog with him!
SO obsessed with the Sonia gladiator sandal!

Strut Your Mutt LA 2014
There were doezens of doggie vendors, like animal photographers, doggie daycares, and all natural (even gluten-free) dog food companies who all came out to support this great organization.  Groove Footwear donated a bunch of our newest sneakers for raffel prizes and giveaways for the event.  They also had professional trainers giving advice and even some pet psychics too!  There were also some Best Friends volunteers had adoptable doggies particpating in the 1.9-mile walk to find new homes (so cute!).  Even some Disney stars (human and canine) made some apperances, as well as Mrs. California and Mrs. Southern California with thier furry friends.

We also had a few of our top styles on display to let you all know about our new line and estore.  I know how excited you all were about our upcoming website relaunch, and I am too!  We're working real hard over here at Groove Footwear to get you what you want...Groove shoes!  And now it will be easier than ever, as we are remodeling our website so that you can buy our cutest styles, share them with your friends on Facebook and Pinterest, without having to leave the site!  As we get closer to our grand opening, keep an eye on our Facebook for promo codes and contests to get free Groove Gear!

Check out all the furry fun!

Adopt him or other cuties here!

Check out these masterpieces!  

Couldn't make it?  Want to decorate your own doggie bag holder?  Comment below and I will send you out a starter kit to do at home :) 



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