Friday, June 21, 2013

Groovin With the One's Who Make It All Happen!

SPOTTED: Fabric swatches, a wall of shoes, a tons of sketches and excited chitchat.  Where am I? Read on my friends, because I'll never tell!


         Groove Girl

Now that you know a little bit about what goes on outside the office, I am going to give you an insider look at what goes on in our office.  Groove Footwear would not be the shoe company it is today without the creative minds of our fabulous designers!  Our designers not only look to the world for inspiration, but also  draw inspiration where they see footwear fashion moving forward in the future. They use their creative license to incorporate their own individuality into the designs too (how fun does that sound!). 

From the fabric choices, to the material used to make the sole, details and decisions are always being made and changed to create the perfect silhouettes for all you fashionistas out there! 

Designers on a day-to-day basis go through a lot to make sure when you put that shoe on it fits and looks perfect. They spend many hours going through revisions with the manufacturers, detailing each inch of the shoe. From the width of the heel to how long the strap is around the ankle, they pay close attention to ever aspect of the shoe. 

Like I said, our designers get their inspiration from every part of the world! From flee markets in Morocco to a little shop in east London, our designers love looking to the different cultures of the world. When creating a new design, our designers look at international styles and global trends, worldwide news, influential fashion blogs and magazines to develop their shoe designs. When asking one of new upcoming designers how she designed her “Bristol” wedge that has received fantastic reviews at the FFANY (Fashion Footwear Association of New York) tradeshow, Monica stated passionately:

 “I wanted to create a transitional wedge to be worn with a dress and jeans. I always keep the “Groove Girl” in mind to create a young and funky design she would love to wear.”

Monica, as well as our other designer Laura, say that keeping international styles and trends in mind is key to creating the perfect statement shoe. Laura stated:

“Color is a key component to the design process and like to interpret this idea in each of my styles.”  

All in all, designers are the cornerstone to any shoe company, helping it stay current with the trends so you can treat your feet to fantastic fashion footwear! 

What to Look for Next Week:

The final days of our 'Share to Win Summer Kick Off Contest' where you can win 2 pairs of free shoes!  You've read this weeks post, so now get on Facebook and start sharing Groove Footwear's posts to WIN! 

Finally, and I know you're all waiting, the interview with the awesome designers who helped dress our Groove Girls from our photo shoot! 



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