Friday, June 28, 2013

Groovy Fall Trends

SPOTTED: Runways lined with celebs, stylists, and fashionistas as blurs of emerald green, deep red, rich browns and crazy patterns stride by.  What are the exciting fashion trends for this Fall'13 season? You'll have to read on my fashion-crazed friends, because I'll never tell!! 
                  Groove Girl

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As you learned when you started picking up your first copies of Teen Vogue and CosmoGirl, you must know of the season's trends ASAP....aka months beforehand.  Now that summer is in full swing, you are finally able to show off your bright pedi and rock those summer sandals! You have carefully planned and pieced together your summer wardrobe, so, naturally it is time to read up on the upcoming Fall '13 trends!

I looked to the stars...well, to find out who is responsible for their impeccable style and wardrobe of course! The stylists of Drew Barrymore, Megan Fox, Tyra Banks and Halle Berry have been sharing their thoughts and observations for the upcoming Fall '13 trends.  Some of them I saw coming, others I was really interested to read about, but regardless I am excited to tell all of you...obvi!

Phillip Bloch, Christie Maruka, Laura Solin, and Sarah Ellison Lewis are some of the celebrity stylists speaking out about their overall feel for the footwear trends this Fall.  While they each have their own opinions about some of the emerging trends, there are several that they all agree on.

Carey Mulligan, Vogue cover, May 2013. Photographed by Mario Testino
One of my favorite upcoming trends is Back to the Past.  Personally, ever since I read The Great Gatsby in school when I was younger, I have always been intrigued by the Roaring 20s.  So, I am very excited to hear about how the newly released "The Great Gatsby" is a huge fashion movie and major influence for fall.  Laura Solin and Phillip Bloch both agree on this.  Bloch pointed out that the movie came out after all of the Fall fashion shows, however, it is going to have such an impact we will still be seeing it's influence in 2014.
Another reemerging trend from back in the day is the influence of minimalism and nature from the 1930s and '40s.  Christie Maruka agrees that stilettos and 1940s inspired heels are coming for Fall, as well as Sarah Ellison Lewis.  Lewis knows that minimalists (like Jil Sander and Margiela) have already been incorporating this trend in their collections, but says that they are refining them for more simplicity because "less is more, more than ever".  One of my favs who rocks the minimalist look the best is none other than the fabulous Gwyneth Paltrow (if you needed someone to stalk to help you master this new look, check her out in Tom Ford).

The next trend you need to know for your Fall '13 wardrobe is the colors, textures and materials we'll be seeing.
I was not surprised that the most talked about colors are rich, bold and dark for the fall.  Emerald green, wine hues, grays, rich browns and coffee colors are going to fill the streets come fall, but some fun pops of fuchsia, orange and blues will keep a little summer in the air.  As for the textures and materials we will be seeing are all about patterns, color combos, prints, fur trim and velvet...yay! When done right, I love the luxury of velvet.  Solin doesn't think that solid colors will be able to compete this season and Maruka agrees that colors are used to create moods and mixing the textures, embellishments and patterns can create any vibe from sophisticated, to sexy luxury, to rock and roll!

Some other trends on the way is menswear inspired footwear...heels, thigh-high boots with cutouts, work boots with feminine personality are some looks we'll be seeing.  Lewis even mentioned wearing outfits like men's pajamas and Hanes T-shirt dresses.  International street-looks and sneakers (flat, heeled, sporty, or classic) are going to stick around. However, Bloch believes that the metallic wedge sneaker is on its way out because it was too overdone and too trendy dies fast.

Some other trends that are believed to be on the outs is color blocking and understated looks that are too dainty. Maruka explains that the colors are deepening for fall and the look is becoming more luxurious and feminine, the neon trend will also fade away.  On the other hand, some styles are so strong, she also says that designers will want to keep them new, fresh and keep an eye out for some styles to be re-created and expanded this Fall '13.

Well there you have it!  A quick overview on the upcoming Fall '13 trends from the celebrity stylists themselves.  We have a lot to look forward to in the next few months and I am very excited for the rich emerald colors and Gatsby looks.  Until then, put on your neon (hey, it makes our sexy summer tans look that much more awesome!), grab the gals...or your hubbie, and go see "The Great Gatsby".

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Friday, June 21, 2013

Groovin With the One's Who Make It All Happen!

SPOTTED: Fabric swatches, a wall of shoes, a tons of sketches and excited chitchat.  Where am I? Read on my friends, because I'll never tell!


         Groove Girl

Now that you know a little bit about what goes on outside the office, I am going to give you an insider look at what goes on in our office.  Groove Footwear would not be the shoe company it is today without the creative minds of our fabulous designers!  Our designers not only look to the world for inspiration, but also  draw inspiration where they see footwear fashion moving forward in the future. They use their creative license to incorporate their own individuality into the designs too (how fun does that sound!). 

From the fabric choices, to the material used to make the sole, details and decisions are always being made and changed to create the perfect silhouettes for all you fashionistas out there! 

Designers on a day-to-day basis go through a lot to make sure when you put that shoe on it fits and looks perfect. They spend many hours going through revisions with the manufacturers, detailing each inch of the shoe. From the width of the heel to how long the strap is around the ankle, they pay close attention to ever aspect of the shoe. 

Like I said, our designers get their inspiration from every part of the world! From flee markets in Morocco to a little shop in east London, our designers love looking to the different cultures of the world. When creating a new design, our designers look at international styles and global trends, worldwide news, influential fashion blogs and magazines to develop their shoe designs. When asking one of new upcoming designers how she designed her “Bristol” wedge that has received fantastic reviews at the FFANY (Fashion Footwear Association of New York) tradeshow, Monica stated passionately:

 “I wanted to create a transitional wedge to be worn with a dress and jeans. I always keep the “Groove Girl” in mind to create a young and funky design she would love to wear.”

Monica, as well as our other designer Laura, say that keeping international styles and trends in mind is key to creating the perfect statement shoe. Laura stated:

“Color is a key component to the design process and like to interpret this idea in each of my styles.”  

All in all, designers are the cornerstone to any shoe company, helping it stay current with the trends so you can treat your feet to fantastic fashion footwear! 

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Groovin to a New Place!

SPOTTED: Girls in wedges, dresses, and chic shades in Newport Beach...carrying a couch? Boxes, bags and furniture fill the driveway.  What is going on in the beach house on the golden coast? Better read on, because I'll never tell!

         Groove Girl

As I mentioned last week, I have moved from my Newport Beach house to a new spot a little further away from the office.  For the past week, or so, I have been moving everything from my old house with my roommate after work.  I must admit, we looked a little ridiculous moving furniture and boxes out of the house in our heels (hey, I like to wear a cute outfit to work!), but we got it all done.  Now, I have to focus on moving in to my new home.  This is where Groove Footwear's Pinterest boards have been just what I needed for a stress-free move.  

These pins that I used were SO helpful and pinspiring (hehe get it!?), that I wanted to drop some knowledge on you all...but really, these are genius.  The main obstacles I had to hurdle first was the kitchen, closet, and bedroom.  The first pin you have to know about is for the most important items in my shoes duh!! Just as any other fashionista in her twenties, I have my fair share of shoes.  I was so overwhelmed when I kept finding more and more shoes after I already filled up my limited closet space!  I saw this pin on Groove's Dream Closet board and decided I'd try it out.  Two words...LIFE CHANGING.  I did two rows of shoes on the floor and two rows of tension rods above them (like what you hang a shower curtain on).  Not only does the closet look really organized and nice (I fit about 10 pairs in each of the four rows!), but it amazed me how easy and cheap this was! It is way cheaper and nicer looking than buying shoe racks or bins for them all.  

There are tons of great pins on Groove's boards, it was hard for me to pick which ones to definitely check them all out for yourself! This other pin is for my next favorite place in the house (besides my cozy, comfy bed), where my other important things live...the kitchen! I absolutely LOVE to cook...never without my friend Vino of course :) The problem with moving into a place with a smaller kitchen is the lack of space to keep all of my pots and pans.  This pin blew my mind! How I never thought of it before is beyond is so simple and obvious! Using magazine organizers to hold and divide your pots and pans!!! It looks effortless (and it was!), but it is also a super frugal idea! FYI: Ikea also has a similar product that holds the pans and lids vertically.  I got a few for my Tupperware lids! Mind blown? I thought so. 

The last featured pin is not exactly a moving, or organization idea, but I still think its amazing and have to share...obvi!  As I mentioned, I love to cook (it's probably my favorite hobby) and I hate when a recipe calls for fresh herbs, but only a small amount.  The grocery store only sells it by the bushel and I hate seeing it go to waste!  That is why I am in love with this pin!  I can have my own organic, homegrown herbs AND I don't have to worry about under/over watering them!  I recycled some of my wine bottles and threw in some rope...voila! P.S. it also makes my kitchen smell so good!

Would you like to have more 'featured pins' posts? Lemme know what you want to read about in the comments section below! 

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Monday, June 3, 2013

Grooving in the Streets!

SPOTTED:  Crowds of people fill the streets in Huntington Beach as live music and smell of delicious food fills the air.  What are all of these little white tents doing in the middle of the street? You'll have to keep reading, because I'll never tell. 


           Groove Girl

While I work on my Insider Access post about the photo shoot (including sneak preview of our behind-the-scenes video!!!) I thought I would tell all of you a little bit about our office in Huntington Beach and why I am SO obsessed with it!

I recently moved, making my commute to work about 30 minutes, rather than my speedy 5 minute drive.  When I calculated my new commute, I envisioned anxiously inching along the 55 with hundreds of other commuters in frustration.  Reluctantly, I got in my car and apprehensively merged onto the highway, only to find myself alone on the open road.  Thankfully, I still love my drive to work...I get to cruise along the ocean on the palm tree lined Pacific Coast Highway for like 10 minutes.  Groove Footwear's office location is still surreal to me.  Every day I sit down at my desk, I am amazed and thankful to be fortunate enough to work for such a great company and in such a fabulous location.
Not only is the physical location amazing (I love watching the waves crash along the shore), but I love the culture and atmosphere here too!  In each direction, the beach stretches as far as you can see and is always full of sunbathers and volleyball games.  Main Street is lined with adorable stores and delicious restaurants, as street performers fill the air with music.  I think one of the coolest parts about this area is the Surfer's Hall of Fame across from our office...all of the Great's hand, and footprints, make up the sidewalk.

Every Tuesday, Main Street is blocked off for the weekly farmer's market.  Tons of white tents pop up as the merchants unload their flowers, food, and items to sell.  Right in the middle of it all you see a live band setting up their equipment to play for the crowds as they buy their farm-fresh fruits and vegetables, or browse the fine art and jewelry.  The local stores also set up their clothing out in front, much of it on sale (I love a good sidewalk sale!).

I had such a great time walking with my girlfriends tent to tent, and even bought fresh flowers before we started to hunt for a place to nosh.  All of the restaurants have fabulous happy hours and all of the outdoor seating is always packed.  A select few are on the second story, like Hurricane's where we stopped to get tacos.  This was so much fun, not only because they had a fabulous Taco Tuesday deal, but also for the people watching!  Sitting high up, it was so much fun watching everyone walk around with their dogs and dance to the live music.

All in all, I think this is my new Tuesday routine!! It actually makes me excited for Mondays, because I know that Tuesday I get to meet up with my besties, listen to great live music, get my fresh flowers and vegetables, and of course Happy Hour! We're going to try a new restaurant every week!!!


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