Friday, July 26, 2013

Groovy Patio

Our Patio Makeover! 

SPOTTED:  They have been spray painting for hours, dozens of packages arrived to the office full of...cushions? What on earth is going on at Groove? Keep on reading you do-it-yourselfers, because I'll never tell!

Groove Girl

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It is officially summertime and that means sun, sand, of course BBQs! In honor of our summer Patio Parties we will be doing weekly, we decided to give our patio a makeover! As much fun as it was, there was a lot of work involved as well and us groove girls weren't afraid to get down and dirty! 
We LOVE our patio furniture, however, being right on the water really has taken a toll on it all.  It is because of this we kicked off our shoes and threw on our Sophie shorts to get down and dirty with spray paint!  Judging by the days the spray paint stayed on my skin, this paint job will last for a long time.  A fresh coat of paint is all we needed for it all to look brand new again!  

Next step in our patio makeover was adding some color!  We ditched the old beige cushions and upgraded them to a beautiful teal (and super comfy) set of cushions for the couches and chairs.  As for the dinning table, which didn't used to have seat cushions, we added a fun orange and white geometric print cushion!  

Last stop....SHOPPING!  We had so much fun running around to different stores collecting decorative accents, like succulents, candles, vases and bright orange pillows.  Throw in a couple bunches of bright flowers and our job is done!

All in all, our patio has been completely transformed (and now I wish I could just set up my desk at one of the couches I love being out there so much hehehe).  We are super excited to start up our Patio Parties again this summer!

What to look for next!

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