Friday, February 27, 2015

14 Days of Love Bombs | Days 7 - 14

14 Days of Love Bombs

Days 7 - 14

*please forgive my terrible delay in posting...posted, didn't know didn't actually post (grrr technology), got super super sick, and posting now!*

Hooray! The second week of love bombs has begun, thus only one week until Valentine's Day! 
I would love to see your love bombs, post a link in the comments, or tag @groovefootwear in an insta! I must say, I loved my day 13 and 14 the most! 

Day 7

One of my Groove Guy's favorite candies, Red Hots!  I used 2 boxes of Red Hots to fill this small sized jar and used puffy paint to write on the jar, but you can put them in a baggie, jar, or whatever and print this gift tag for it, too!

Day 8

Definitely a morning love bomb! Inspired by this hilarious tank top boyfriend/girlfriend combo, "I'm just a cupcake looking for my stud muffin".  I picked his favorite blueberry muffin, but any muffin would work...or even a cupcake! 

Day 9

^  click to enlarge and save to print!  ^

You can only give someone so much candy...well, actually I personally could never have enough candy, but it was time to switch it up a bit with something healthy!  I couldn't decide which fruity love bomb I wanted to do, so I did both!  Technically, I was craving Cuties and the apple packs with carmel cups was too much to pass up.  

Day 11

Old school, but will never get old!  I love dipping an Oreos in milk almost as much as I love my Valentine, so this one is totally on point.  Yes, I did splurge on the reduced fat package as I could not find a single pack of Oreos to tie the straws to with a ribbon.  I now know in order to get the solo pack, I have to go to a gas station, or CVS, but seriously...common 2 people can't realistically share 10 cookies and be satisfied! Yes, I also call him my Cookie Monster, and for good reason. 

Day 12

You can incorporate Swedish Fish into a love bomb so many ways.  I always say I'm obsessed with you, and silly things like that, but you can say "I am O-FISH-ally in love with you", or get creative with it.  Otherwise, just click to enlarge the gift tag and save to print it as is. 

Day 13

I completely came up with this one on my own, because this is one of our favorite movies to watch together.  We literally try to watch a classic Adam Sandler movie every Valentine's Day.  Plus, I overheard him saying how he hasn't had a Snack Pack in years.  Personally, I like Jell-O pudding better, but for accuracy and effect, I got the Snack Pack brand...and it was awesome!

Day 14

I had so much fun making this pizza by hand...and by hand I mean I bought the Pillsbury pizza crust, sauce, turkey pepperoni, and cheese.  I also added crushed pepper, oregano, and garlic powder.  I saw some cute pizzas that had heart shaped pepperoni, if you have the patience and time for that it would be super cute.  I also had made heart-shaped ravioli that were pink and white for dinner earlier in the week.  I love all the heart-shaped foods that come about during February! 

Oh, and I made these for him for desert! Yum!

Happy Valentine's Day!



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