Monday, July 28, 2014

Sticker Contest!

Find Our Sticker, Win Free Swag!

In honor of the US Surf Open this week in Huntington Beach, we have created a contest just for you guys coming by catch some rays and watch the competition!  It's super easy and anyone can participate. 

We have colored 10 of our Groove peace sign stickers and placed them all around Main Street in Huntington Beach!  All you have to do is look for them, and when you find one Instagram it.  Be sure to tag us @groovefootwear and you'll be entered in to win a swag bag (with a $25 gift card!).  

There will be 3 winners each wins the bag/gift card, and the others win rad Groove swag!

Contest runs from Tuesday, July 29th - Thursday, July 31st

Find the Golden Sticker!

Now that we know what the Groove peace sign sticker looks like, and where they are, lets step it up a notch!  Consider this the 'finals' (if you will) for the sticker competition.  We have one golden sticker hidden somewhere in Huntington Beach, but only 1!  

Whoever finds the golden sticker FIRST, and Instagrams it for us, wins a loaded swag bag filled with a Forever21 gift card, wayfarer sunglasses, and more! 

Contest runs from Friday, August 1st to Sunday, August 3rd

Check our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for hints throughout the week! I'll give you one're looking for something like this: 

Happy Hunting!



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