Sunday, April 27, 2014

Makeup Tips & Tricks

Since the first time you grabbed your mom's lipstick and smeared it all over your mouth (and face!), you've been perfecting the art of applying makeup.  Twenty-some years later, you've definitely gotten better at it, but there always seems to be a new product, look, or brush you have to learn.  If you have an awesome tip you wan to share with your fellow Groove Girls, leave a comment!  Want info on something special? Let me know below!


TGIF! Do you ever feel like your usual makeup routine is not enough for that date night you have planned?  I mean, it's a casual date, but don't want to look like you do everyday right? Michelle Phan is here to show us how to create flirty, yet casual, date night makeup!

If you haven't watched FAWN's Youtube videos're missing out big time!  All of their videos are awesome and super helpful, too.  In this video we're giving ourselves a DIY citrus foot soak, five minute foot massage, and DIY olive oil foot wrap.  Whether it's after a long day at work, walking all day, or a night out on the town this DIY treatment series will make your feet love you again...until tomorrow. 

We have all had those days when you don't have the time (or patience) to deal with you second-day hair, which is actually a good thing!  Did you know it is bad for your hair if you wash it every single day?  You need those natural oils to keep your hair strong, shinny, healthy and long.  "But I can't go to work with oily hair!" you might be thinking.  This video post of the week is a quick fix to the second-day drama.  Want to see more videos like this?  Comment below on what you want to see more of! 

Do you love beautiful voluminous curls, but hate frying your hair with all that heat?  We love Luxy Hair and we know you will too! They have tons of awesome hair tutorials like this one for fabulous heatless curls! There is even a quick option for those last minute plans...and I mean 20 minutes or less for this look?? YES please! 

Makeup can be a great tool to help accentuate your features and give you a confidence boost, but it's important to remember your natural self is beautiful too!  Groove girls always remember that makeup is always secondary to your inner beauty and always remember to make yourself shine.  This video exemplifies how important understanding the true meaning of what a beautiful person is. 

Ariana Grande is a great inspiration to Groove Girls!  She is carefree, trendy, feminine and always looks adorable!  You can throw on a pair of Groove shoes with anything she wears and be totes adorable!  Another thing we love about her is how real and down to earth she is.  Take a look at her style, make-up, hair product, and other tips she shares in this fun video.

Whether you are preparing to interview for college, internship, part-time position or for your dream job, looking professional and polished is just as important as your resume.  Feeling like you look the part not only boosts your confidence in the interview, but the interviewer knows your mature enough to understand how to look, and act, appropriate for the job.  Check out this video for a beauty breakdown. Now get out there, Groove Girls, and nail the interview!

We are constantly trying to improve ourselves, but according to what?  We look to celebrities, magazines, fashion models and advertisements as guidelines on how to look in order to be beautiful.  This Dove video shows us exactly how skewed our perception of beauty really is and how we strive for unrealistic (and unobtainable without photoshop) expectations.  
We are all beautiful, Groove Girls!




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