Monday, March 31, 2014

Be Prepared!

Living in California, you become familiar with the occasional earthquake, but lately there has been a lot of activity down below.  On Friday, there was a huge 5.3 (and really long) earthquake centered in La Habra, CA, but experts say that is just the start of it.  I personally have slept through every single earthquake since I moved to California, so a 5.3 being my first one has got me thinking about the 'what ifs'.  I read today that there is an expected 7.5 (cue freakout) which could be disastrous in the near future for all of us living in 'paradise'....just kidding!  That article turned out to be a hoax, but nevertheless we should all be prepared anyway because earthquakes, fires, tornados, and floods are always a threat.

 photo earthquake_zps25b13c15.gif

Everyone I know keeps telling me to get an emergency kit and I thought to myself, 'I have some canned food, matches, and candles...what else do I need'. There are some necessities I didn't think of, or don't have yet, and I figure you might not either.  So, Groove Girls, we are all going to stay calm and survive, because it's time to make your very own Groove Girl Survival Kit! Now...bedazzling, glitter application, monograming and crafting will have to wait until you have every single one of these items checked off.

Emergency Candles

I'm not talking about your yummy scented Yankee candle, these candles are specifically for emergency situations where there is no power.  They range in how long they last for and some even last for hours plus provide warmth.  

Nonperishable Food

Don't just think about the food you have in your pantry right bought it for a reason and will probably end up eating it.  You need to go shopping just for your emergency kit.  There are so many different options between the canned variety and also dry foods (like granola bars and cereal).  When shopping for emergency food, focus on high calorie options (meal/protein bars) and high water options (like soup).

 Manual Can Opener 

Don't roll your eyes at me!  It might sound like an obvious item following the giant stack of canned food items I just discussed, but in the case of an emergency would you think of it?  They are super cheap and you can buy one at the dollar store, so don't check this off just because you have one in your kitchen.  I use an electric can opener at home, what if there was a flood or it broke?  No food for me!

Emergency Documents

Did you think of this?  My mom always had copies of everything, but living on my own, I have not done this yet...have you?  Keeping the copies (laminated) in a bright organizer folder will help you find it easy and keep all of the documents safe from water.  'What do I need', you say?  Emergency documents include insurance policies, medical consent forms, list of emergency contact numbers, doctor's name and contact info, prescription lists, and some type of personal identification with a picture.  Hide this at the bottom of your survival kit and don't tell anyone it's there to keep your info safe.  There is a great Financial Emergency First Aid Kit you can download from the Federal Emergency Management Agency website too. 


Another obvious one, I know, but very much needed in this list.  Again, having one around the house somewhere in the back of that one closet doesn't count!  You need to have a special one just for your box...more than one if you have roomies or family members.  Make. Sure. It. WORKS!  I will never forget one time the power went out and I had to try 3 flashlights to find one that worked.  In an emergency that just won't cut it. 

Extra Batteries 

That brings me to the next item on your list...extra batteries! For all of the items in your soon to be bedazzled box for all of this, make a list of the size battery it uses.  You'll be kicking yourself if you only have AA batteries, but you desperately need AAA or those random big ones.  

Duct Tape

Duct tape, as everyone knows, can be used for anything like prom dresses, drinking cups, wallets, making a shelter, and fixing leaks. The uses are endless, and therefore making this item a necessity! 

First Aid Kit 

First Aid kits come in all shapes and sizes.  You can get a little one that fits in your purse, or a giant one that makes you look like you just jumped out of an ambulance.  I would recommend getting one that is about a lunchbox size and contains antibiotic ointments, antiseptic wipes, bandages, instant cold compress, scissors, oral thermometer, tweezers, and space blanket. You can get these at CVS, Target, Costco, Walmart and many other stores. 


 I would say either-or, but given the fact that you cannot predict when, or what type, of emergency you'll have to deal with you should have both.  Lighters are great, but when they get wet it's no good. There are special matches just for that and can be purchased at camping could just keep the matches and lighter in a waterproof container.

Local Maps

 I hardly ever use a paper map anymore (thanks Siri!), but what happens when your phone got wet, or died, and you are needing to get to safer grounds?  It's always good to have a local map in your car in case of emergencies, but lets pay an extra 10 cents to put in the box!

Dust Mask

Ew. I know, so tacky, but when there is smoke, or debris dust, everywhere you'll be glad you can breath...(whipping out the glue gun) you can make it as stylish as you'd like.  

 Emergency Cash 

You never know what you will have time to grab in the case of an emergency, so in the off chance that you couldn't find your wallet in time, you'll have some extra cash ready in your emergency kit.  It doesn't have to be dollar bills, you could also stash a travelers check.  

Notepad & Pen

I don't know what to say about this other than how many uses can you think of?  Leave a note stating where you went for safety, note telling rescuers where you're hiding in the house, keeping yourself sane with hangman and tic-tac-toe, etc. 

Emergency Radio

Be sure to have a battery powered or hand crank radio.  The NOAA Weather Radio is ideal, because it has a tone alert, all 7 NOAA weather band stations, and alert system.  A simple Google search will show all of the different types and models of NOAA radios out there. 

Solar Charger

I know for a fact that this item was not in your emergency kit growing up...but how cool is it!  You can easily pick up a solar charger phone case, backpack, roll up mat, window suction charger, and universal ones with tons of adapter cords.  Those spare charger sticks are cool and work great, but when it dies and you can't charge it, then what?  Keep that for your Friday nights and get a solar charger for your emergency box. 

Personal Items

Mother nature already isn't kind enough to just send us a text every month (hooray! You're not pregnant), so the chances that you'll need some extra protection during a natural disaster are pretty high.  o.b. makes a cute little carrier case to conceal these little guys, or you can make your own little pack.  Also, think about hitting up the travel section at Bed Bath and Beyond, or Target, because hey, I'll want some mouthwash and toilet paper right? 

Trash Bags

 Ok, this one is kinda gross, but just as needed in the case of a disaster.  In all of my emergency kit research, everyone has these items listed to "preserve personal sanitation".  I don't think I need to go into any more detail, other than remember the Carnival cruise who was powerless for days with no working toilets? Yeah. Let's not ever deal with that.  The trash bags can also be used to build a shelter, hold clean water, and other survival uses too.

Gallon of Water

It is recommended that each person included in the survival kit gets 1 gallon of water to last them around 3 days.  I know at my house when there is a water bottle around...chances are it wont last a week without being gulped down at the gym.  Store your emergency water in the basement/garage/closet and away from your subconscious who will fight with you 'just drink it, you can buy another tomorrow for "emergencies" right?' but don't cave, turn on your faucet. 


 This item I did not immediately come to mind when I first started thinking about my emergency kit.  A whistle is a great way to signal where you are and that you need help.  Even if someone doesn't know what happened to you or where you are, they will be curious as to where the sound is coming from and find you. Bet those hikers wished they had packed a whistle, huh?

Mess Kit

 These are great little kits usually used for camping, but could come in handy during an emergency.  In these little mess kits are trays, a bowl, small Fold-A-Cup, stainless steel knife/fork/spoon, and other nifty kitchen items you won't have if you have to leave your house.

Sanitizing Wipes

 This is one of those items that you probably don't think twice about using during the day, but when you have been cut off from the luxuries of home, these will be very appreciated.

Emergency Tool

This emergency tool is used to turn off all utilities in the case of an emergency.  It was designed and tested by professional firefighters...I trust it!  I also read that you can use a normal wrench to do all of this too, but I'm gonna listen to the firefighters and run over to Target, or Walmart to get me one of these bad boys! 

There you have it!  The most necessary items to have in your emergency kit listed out for you to go get right now! Then when you come home you can bedazzle and personalize everything, you need a reason?


Friday, March 28, 2014

Can't Get Enough Shoes?

Are you just as obsessed with shoes as I am?  You’re going to love these high heel inspired products…and probably purchase all of them! Don’t worry I’ll link them for immediate purchase.  It's just not enough for those obsessed to have a closet full of shoes.  No, we need shoe keychains, shoe notepads, pictures of shoes, and any other random shoe product we can get our hands on.  I decided to go on a shoe hunt for the cutest shoe make sure I haven't missed any!

Shoe Speakers

How fun are these! They don't seem to be the most practical in portable speakers, but I would totally rock them at my desk at work, or in the bathroom getting ready!  They are only $25 on Amazon, and also come in a classic black stiletto.  

Heel Condoms

Okay, okay...I know this isn't a shoe shaped product, but they are actually pretty cool.  Sometimes I want to have a specific look using my shoes, but I am not going to go out to buy a pair for just one outfit.  I also think these would be great when you need to wear your comfortable heels, but they aren't that cute...womp womp!  Cue infomercial voice: With Heel Condoms you'll never run into that again! With Heel Condoms (awks), you can add that stylish touch to your regular pair of heels. **WARNING** some of them are a little ridiculous, but a handful of practical ones. 

Wine Bottle Holder

This is the perfect gift for all of you vinos out there!  This wine bottle holder is a perfect gift for a birthday, holiday, breakup present (with a bottle of red included), or just a random 'thinking of you' gift. The Home Wet Bar has a ton of different stilettos to choose it weird to have a few? 

Bottle Stopper

I am guilty of already owning one of these...but could always use another!  Bed Bath & Beyond sells these for $8, but they are everywhere (especially gift stores) and wineries.  Perfect for little party favors, stocking stuffer, secret santa, or random present! 

Scotch Tape Dispenser

You can get this cute little desk accessory at any Target or office supply store. Groove definitely has a few of these floating around the couldn't we! Those huge brick looking things are so last season. 

Stilettos for Your Phone

How adorable are these!?  Keep your phone screen always in sight with these stilettos for your phone.  Perfect when you're watching a movie or your favorite series and don't want to hold it up the whole time.  The best part...they're under $10 here

High Heeled Bath

Oh yes...that's right, I said bathtub! I don't know how comfortable it would be to take a bath in a shoe, but I'd love to try!  Needless to say, if you're obsessed with shoes I know you'll be drooling over this giant stiletto...because unless you want to drop $17,000 you'll be taking shoe baths in your dreams.   

One for the Dogs

You won't have to worry about your dog eating this shoe, because it's hers after all!  While Crocs aren't the cutest shoe in the world, it's still a doggie bed in the shape of a shoe...and actually practical for those pups who love to burrow in their blankets.  Oh, and don't worry it comes in a few colors (lol). 

Smell Like a Shoe

Leave it up to Nine West to take it to the next level.  Not only do they have amazing shoes, but now with Love Fury, you can smell like them too!  For $45, you can pick up this delicious perfume with notes of mimosa, mandarin orange, musk, and amber.  Oh, and don't worry...for $89 you can buy the matching pointy toed pump.  

Drive Your Stiletto

There once was a woman who drove in a shoe...wait? Huh? Yup, someone managed to turn their giant red stiletto into a drivable shoe-mobile! I don't know what else to say about this, except to each her own!  Oh, and I hope I see this driving down the street some day! 


Feed Your Soul

In the crazy world we live in today, it's important for us to look out for one another.  Whether it's volunteering at a food drive, or signing up for a zumba-thon to support anti-bullying awareness, Groove Girls are always trying to get involved.   I'll keep you posted on interesting charities and inspiring videos about body image, confidence, self esteem, and girl power (woohoo!).  Have an amazing cause, or video, you want to share?  Comment below, I'd love to know!


The first time I saw this video I was shocked.  We are all aware of how women are viewed in the hierarchy of the world, but it's always brushed off and accepted.  This video made such a lasting impact on me, and all the other Groove Girls in the office, that I just had to share it with al of you.  I hope you take something away from watching it and share it along with all of your girlfriends.  As young women, the future, we need to take a stand and demand our equal place in the world and society.

If you are in the Orange County area, I highly recommend watching this video and clearing all of your plans on March 1st.  This is SuperMax, a first grader, was diagnosed with brain glioma at the age of 4 and has been fighting through four brain surgeries and chemo.  On his birthday, Max talked about making the world's largest loom bracelet, and with the help of his classmates, Jimmy Kimmel, friends and family, he will break the record this Saturday.  If you are able to get to Tustin this weekend and help out SuperMax, you can get tickets here.  If you want more info on how to get involved with his nonprofit organization, go here for more info!  

Our favorite Southern Groove Girl, Lizzie Sider, is always spreading the love as she tours all across the country.  We love how she adds her own personality to the many pairs of groove shoes in her closet!  She's not only inspiring Groove Girls to follow their dreams, but she has dedicated her tour to the prevention of bullying.  Everybody's got their own Groove, and that makes us all unique and special.  I hope you enjoy this beautiful song and share it's meaning with your friends!  

We are constantly trying to improve ourselves, but according to what?  We look to celebrities, magazines, fashion models and advertisements as guidelines on how to look in order to be beautiful.  This Dove video shows us exactly how skewed our perception of beauty really is and how we strive for unrealistic (and unobtainable without photoshop) expectations.  
We are all beautiful, Groove Girls!


Life Hacks

Life's a beach sometimes!  I'm always looking for ways to keep my life happy, well organized, and less stressful.  So, when I come across a useful life hack, I'll share them with you here!  Have any great hacks? Want help on something particular?  Comment below, I'd love to know!


Do you ever have one of those days when everything, and anything that can go wrong does go wrong?! Well, whether you want to admit it or not, I know you have had to deal with those negativities in life.  Even if it is a coworker/classmate who rubs you the wrong way...there is a way to turn any negative into a positive.  You are the only thing keeping yourself away from a good attitude and happy day.

Here's a life hack just in time for spring cleaning!  When was the last time you cleaned your jewelry?  This video shows you how to clean your jewelry simply with baking soda and it is gentle enough to clean almost anything.  Way cheaper than going out and getting it cleaned or finding jewelry cleaner. 

Groove Girls love the Tone It Up gals! If you haven't already, you have to check out all of their nutrition, workouts, and motivation to stay healthy.  This video is super simple to follow along and tone those thighs!  Oh yeah...we're doing it during our lunch break this #FitFriday. 

Mind. Blown. These life hacks aren't just for summer!  After watching this, you'll find yourself using them at on spring break, around the house, and basically the rest of your life.  Enjoy, and you're welcome!

How many times have you heard, "put your phone away!" and wished you could just make it invisible (because this class is super easy, thus boring)?  Well, if you really can't let go of it, and have other means of getting the info/notes you'll miss (hi mom), try this! 

If you like camping, traveling, or just straight up living, you need to watch this video!  These tips will save your life in the event of a natural disaster, or whenever you find yourself in a pinch.  Genius, right? 

Do you have what it takes to strut your stuff in a Victoria's Secret fashion show?  VS Angel, Karlie Kloss, gave those lucky ducks over at Cosmo a breakdown of her runway walk!  It's amazing how bad your posture can get sitting all day, 'think tall' ladies.  Go on, get up!  I totally practiced my walk right after watching this too! 


Be Our Guest

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Petal Pusher

One of the biggest Spring '14 trends I've been reading about is the floral craze.  Baroque, fresh, wild, tropical, romantic, and every flower in between is popping up on sweatshirts, dresses, pants and handbags.  If you're afraid that you'll look like you're wearing your grandmothers couch cushions, or luggage, don't worry!  These are some fabulous floral outfits you can rock this spring.  

This floral outfit is perfect for all those music festivals coming up!  We'll be at Coachella this year and I am most definitely looking for this floral crop top.  It's feminine, flirty, and goes perfectly with our gold jelly 'Slither' sandal!  I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot of the Music Festival Twist...don't you love the slight poof of volume?! With such a bright outfit, maybe a touch of pink on the cheeks, but keep your makeup on the natural side.    
This is also a great festival/concert outfit for this spring and summer.  Not only are you up-to-trend on the floral front, but sweatshirts are very in this season as well! If you're not into pink flowers, the shorts have got a little subtle floral.  The petal pink Essie not only matches the sweatshirt, but pastels are very in this season, too (for guys and girls)!  I just love the cool casual vibe Groove's 'Techno' bootie gives this look. 
We already know how big denim is lately, and mixing it up with floral is perfect!  This outfit, in particular, is awesome because you can wear it out to the movies, the mall, or even a date.  Throw on a floral pencil skirt and a thick braided belt and you've got a stylin' work outfit!  Either way, Groove's 'Belita' crochet wedge gives you the comfort you need to walk around all day, but also that casual chic look.

This style inspiration is a great look for lunch, a concert, or the beach with tasteful femininity and effortless style.  Head jewelry is getting stronger with every season and is sure to stay through summer.  Don't you just love the boho-chic look the headpieces, foot jewelry and delicate body jewelry adds to a simple bikini or dress?  Groove's gold 'Stellar' gladiator ties it all together giving you that casual elegance with little effort.